One of Key West’s most loved persons is Sheila. Today, she celebrates her birthday. Happy birthday, Sheila! I am sure you will be well honored tonight at the Chart Room. I am sorry I cannot be there. I have prep time and then my blog talk radio show itself. We shall drink together another night.

Kim Novak was a presenter at the Oscars Sunday night. She was a beauty in the 1950s. One of the biggest stars of the time. Her face alone took your breath away.

Kim disappeared in the 1960s. Actually retired from show business. Except for a few brief forays back in, she lived first on Big Sur and now in Oregon. Oregon was initially her home.

Now 81, Kim’s years showed. Unfortunately. Physically and a bit mentally. She is 81. She was well received by the audience.

I am 78. Is this what I am to expect in three years?

Tonight, my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Nine o’clock.

I suspect I will spend quite a bit of time on Ukraine. Not what is already known. Not what is in the papers. Rather some of the things not known by many. Like we have to be careful that whatever happens, it is not another Munich. The seeds are all in place for one. Most are unaware of the neo-Nazi party’s influence in the good guy group. The group the United States has already given in excess of $5 billion to. The stupidity of downsizing the military when we have hot spots all over the world, including Ukraine and Afghanistan. My displeasure with Kerry always talking on television about what he is going to do, who is good and bad, etc. Diplomacy is quiet and behind doors. How Europe will not stand tall. They depend on Russia for gas. Finally, how Ukraine banks have clamped down on depositor accounts this week. Some are limiting withdrawals to $100 a day.

Good stuff! Interesting! Revealing!

Good Morning America is coming to Key West. Friday morning. Live from Mallory Square. Go down and be part of the event.

There was a note in this morning’s Key West Citizen. It said there are 77,271 eligible Americans waiting for transplants. That number and the lack of organs is why there is a thriving black market in human organs world wide.

I remain down trodden re Syracuse. Syracuse plays again tonight. Against Georgia Tech at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse is 25 or 26-3. Georgia Tech 13-16. Syracuse dropped in the weekly rankings to #7.

Unfortunately, I will not be watching the game. Maybe for the good. Each game this year beats me up. I will be doing my blog talk radio show. Syracuse will be my first topic. World events have taken second place to Syracuse basketball this season. I have been talking about the team at the start of each show.

When I get sick, it seems to run in spurts. One type illness after another. The weekend was food poisoning. I saw Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday for a persistent cough. I had x-rays also. Somehow during the day, I threw my back out. When spasms hit, intolerable is the only way to describe them. This afternoon I see the dermatologist. I have had a small growth on my upper arm for years. It has grown the past two weeks and is sore.

I am doing good!

Enjoy your day!



Big night last night! A surprise birthday party for Stephanie Manaher.

Her sixtieth. I know it is not normally considered good taste to reveal a lady’s age. I doubt Stephanie would mind in this circumstance. Sixty is a milestone. A day to reflect and be proud of husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and material accomplishments.

Stephanie has them all! God has been good. He helped her make it through disappointments as well. Last night was Stephanie’s time to look back and say to herself…..I did it!

It was a great party! As stated, a surprise. Stephanie’s three daughter were present. One from Chicago. Her grandchildren. Guests from out of town and locally. The locals included Stephanie’s fellow teacher friends. She has always been particularly proud of them and her association with them. I have always thought teaching was Stephanie’s escape time from Don.

The party was at the outside bar at Don’s Place. Great food. Excellent company. Terrific music. Larry, Christine and Alex did double duty. They were guests and entertained as well.

It was a family and friends evening. Everyone warm and happy. A rare time.

Congratulations, Stephanie! May you live another sixty years and be as vibrant and happy as you were last night!


Happy birthday day to me. Seventy eight years!

I remember when my father was 40, I thought he was old. When he was 78, I thought he was really old!

A mistake. Now I feel badly that on occasion I treated my Dad as an old man. He probably never was. Even though he lived to 98.

The mind stays young. I peg mine at 35. The body is the problem. It breaks down. Hopefully, slowly. You keep seeing the doctors and fixing things. I worry about the day something may not be fixable.

The last time a birthday bothered me was when I turned 50. This 78th is bothering me. Why, I do not know.

Spent four hours yesterday in the internet store. Had two days to report on. There is only one internet store in Katopolis. Charges 3 euro an hour. Expensive. I was only paying 1 euro in Santorini. I suspect the differences in prices is that there was competition in Santorini. An internet store around every corner. Here there is only one internet store.

Lunch was interesting and enjoyable.

I was dying for ham and eggs. I settled for bacon and eggs. Every now and then I need a shot of American food.
I was at an outdoor cafe. Nearby were 8 men and a woman. By the time three hours had expired, there were at least 25 persons.

There is a festival here today or tomorrow. The group was from another island. They were here to sing and play music. All ages. Guitars and violins. Even a priest. A Greek Orthodox one. Gray robes, black tall hat and a long black beard. He sang, played the violin, smoked and drank beer. Good for him!

Occasionally, some would stand and start dancing. Other times merely sitting and waving their arms.

Happy people! Getting ready for their concert. It was obvious they enjoyed singing and playing. I doubt it was their lives. After work, perhaps. These were ordinary people.

A happy, exuberant bunch. They spent the afternoon eating and drinking, doing what they enjoyed best.

I plan on watching whatever type event they perform. It is right on the port where the boats come in. In front of my favorite restaurant.

It is windy! Day and night. Sun is hot. At night, another story. Cold! I need a sweat shirt. The outdoor cafes are all wrapped in plastic drapes to divert the wind.

I met a British woman yesterday. Her name is Alice. She lives in a place called St. Albans which she told me is just outside London. She has been visiting Amorgos for 27 years.

The conversation got into lamb chops. She said no, goat chops. I was right. The lamb chops are really goat chops. She said if I went to the northern point of the island and up the hill, I would see hundreds of goats. Short in stature. Long haired. Dark brown and black. Beauties.

I had dinner last night at my usual restaurant. Went for the egg plant, zucchini, tomato and potato in oil as a start. Delicious! Ate it with thick slices of bread. Cleaned the plate!

Dinner was veal. For some reason, I opted to avoid the lamb chops. The veal was terrific. Cooked in a red sauce. A cheap cut. However, boiled long enough that the meat fell apart as soon as my fork hit it.

Six of the men singing in the afternoon showed up for dinner.

Smelts are small fish deep fried. The fish are really tiny. You eat the whole fish. Head and all.

Someone two tables away was served a dish of smelts. I went crazy. Love them! My grandmother and mother made them. Even my former wife. I asked the waiter if they were smelts. He did not understand. The Greek gentleman who ordered them did. He spoke English. He walked over to my table with the plate of smelts in hand. He said, eat. And walked away. I filled a small plate and returned the dish to him. With a smiling thank you, of course.

The confusion was the name. What I know and call smelts in Greek are called aferina. I hope I spelled it correctly.

I was grossly disappointed this morning. I have not been able to find Google news on the computer the past few days. This morning, I found out why. It is no more. Google has discontinued the service. Facebook and Twitter took too much business from them. I feel bad. Used the Google news service everyday.

I have to get out of the internet store. It is close to 2, closing time. I have been here 4.5 hours. Did next week’s KONK Life column first: Reflections.

Enjoy your day!