Big night last night! A surprise birthday party for Stephanie Manaher.

Her sixtieth. I know it is not normally considered good taste to reveal a lady’s age. I doubt Stephanie would mind in this circumstance. Sixty is a milestone. A day to reflect and be proud of husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and material accomplishments.

Stephanie has them all! God has been good. He helped her make it through disappointments as well. Last night was Stephanie’s time to look back and say to herself…..I did it!

It was a great party! As stated, a surprise. Stephanie’s three daughter were present. One from Chicago. Her grandchildren. Guests from out of town and locally. The locals included Stephanie’s fellow teacher friends. She has always been particularly proud of them and her association with them. I have always thought teaching was Stephanie’s escape time from Don.

The party was at the outside bar at Don’s Place. Great food. Excellent company. Terrific music. Larry, Christine and Alex did double duty. They were guests and entertained as well.

It was a family and friends evening. Everyone warm and happy. A rare time.

Congratulations, Stephanie! May you live another sixty years and be as vibrant and happy as you were last night!