Bargain day! Two blogs for one.

My computer was still in the shop yesterday. Sunday morning. I had to go to Lisa’s to do the blog. My bed felt good. The bed won out! I never did yesterday’s blog. Sorry.

Following is what would have been yesterday’s blog covering Saturday’s events.

I hurried to Lisa’s and did the blog. Visited with the grandkids. Then the drive home. Bikers and runners galore. The trip took forever. There was a Triathlon with over 400 participants. Traffic diverted every where.  Traffic lanes closed down to accommodate the bikers and runners.

It took me 1.5 hours to make the return trip. Normally 15 minutes. That was it! As much as I love Syracuse, no way was I going back out to fight my way to Caroline and John’s Big Ten Pub. I missed the Syracuse/Villanova game. I see Syracuse won by 11 points. Good!

Remember the Auntie Maime movie of forty or more years ago. Starred Rosiland Russell. She had a female friend staying with her. Sort of a social retard. Never went out, never dated. Then she did. There was a scene several months later as she descended a staircase. She was obviously pregnant. She shouted out, “I lived!”

I lived Saturday night!

Ate and drank.

Don and Stephanie hosted a small dinner party at the Braza Lena. I was invited.

The Braza Lena is the restaurant where they serve all the meat you want. I figured what the hell! It was time I blew my diet.

I drank and ate. Big time. Even had desert. It felt good!

The company was good, also. Beside Don and Steph, there was Herschel and Erika and David.

My car was parked at the Pier House. I walked Duval to get it. Something struck me. For the first time, I thought Duval was honky tonk. Yes, sadly it has become so. A decidedly different flavor from 15-25 years ago. I did not like it.

Now for yesterday. Sunday.

As I already told you, I stayed in bed in the morning. Comfortably buried in the sheet and blanket.

Watched Meet the Press from the bed. I was impressed with Colin Powell. As always.

Tim Reynolds called. One computer fixed. The old one. The newer one with the virus was still being worked on. I drove over to pick up the repaired one. The one I am writing on at the moment.

The virus is Money Pak. What a pain! Locks the screen. Hopefully, Tim will have it repaired by today. I am becoming uncomfortable.

Stopped at Lisa’s on the way home. Robert and Ally were doing homework. Studiously and diligently. I was impressed. I read the Sunday newspapers and then left for home.

The Seattle/Atlanta game was terrific! Especially the last two minutes. Even more so the last 20 seconds. It is called professionalism.

The big thing on the agenda today is a routine visit with the heart doctor.

Tomorrow morning at 7 my blog talk radio show. The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show.

I will be there! The cell phone problem has been corrected.

The show is a one half hour talk show. I talk. You talk, if you call in.

You do not have to wait till 7 when the show starts to call in. You may call in before 7 and will be placed on hold in the order called in.

Find me and the show at

Enjoy your day!

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