Bob Burton passed on over the weekend.

Bob was one of Key West’s nicest people.

I first met Bob and his partner Jack Baron 25 years ago when I started coming to Key West. They ran the Jack Baron Art Gallery in Duval Square together. Jack did the painting. Bob handled the business end.

I loved them both. There was no other way to feel about them.

Jack died several years ago. I am confident Jack was waiting to greet his life long partner at the Pearly Gates. Probably chastised him for taking so long.

I was privileged to be invited to their 48th, 49th, 50th, 51st and 52nd anniversary parties. Outstanding! Although same sex marriage was not yet legal anywhere in the United States, these two gentlemen considered themselves married all those years.

May Bob rest in peace.

Yesterday morning was spent working on this morning’s blog talk radio show. The Key West Lou Talk Show. Then I was off to Higgs Beach. The temperature was 80 degrees.

I did not wear a bathing suit. Too cold for me! I was in a tee shirt and shorts. Eighty is warm to the tourists. They fly down for a few days. Their blood is still thick from the northern cold weather. Mine is not. I experience cold easily. Strange as it sounds, eighty is cool to me this time of year.

I sat in my sand chair for 1.5 hours and read. Tourists all around me running in and out of the water.

I am presently reading two books at one time. I am still reading the one about President Grant. I am also into a book on Eisenhower titled Ike’s Bluff. It was the Ike book I was reading on the beach.

The more detail I read about the various lives of our Presidents, the more I wonder why anyone would want the job. Grueling. Crushing. The pressure never lets up.

Picked up the virus infected computer. Virus gone. I was worried. Thought the computer was gone.

Then to my heart doctor for a routine visit. Everything A-ok.

I have written in this column, in a KONK Life article, and discussed it on my TV/Internet show. Pythons!

The State of Florida sponsored python hunt is now up to 800 participants. I think the State and hunters are crazy. They remind me of the people who went out in all size boats to capture the great white shark in Jaws. The python hunt scenario is a disaster in the making. A hunter is going to get shot by a fellow hunter or crushed by a python. Guaranteed!

Completed another Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show this morning. Amongst other things, chatted about a woman’s vagina and an incestuous relationship. Nothing bad. But real and truthful for sure.

I suggested that a woman’s vagina is more regulated than assault weapons. Think about it. I am correct.

As regards an incestuous relationship, one of sorts exists between the military, the military industrial complex, and Congress. Right on, again.

The statistics/analytics were available to me immediately following the show. A number listened in. No one called in, however. Please, I am trying to develop a talk show. I need you to participate. It costs nothing and gives you the opportunity to be heard.

The stats told me something interesting. People listening to the blog talk radio show are reading this blog for the first time. I would like it to work the other way, also. Go from Key West Lou to the talk radio show.

Enjoy your day!






3 comments on “BOB BURTON GONE

  1. Anyone that wants to be President has to be an egocentric powertripper that has been made the face and voice of their respective political machines by the powers that be. The proper image to further the cause of the big money backers …
    What the founding fathers envisioned , I doubt it. The world of politics makes me sick. They think they have all the power but, they are just the puppets of the corporations,bankers and lawyers that are really running the show.
    And “We The Sheeple” (myself included) allow it to go on …

    As far as snake hunting goes, it is my understanding the pythons are taking over the everglades and destroying the ecosystem. Up here we hunt deer to control the deer herd. On the 1st day of deer season there can be upwards of a million hunters in the woods all carrying high powered rifles. Very few accidents, mostly heart attacks from out of shape hunters …

    Have a great day in paradise Lou, it’s gray and 36F here in PA with freezing rain later . I know you guys have been having some great weather this year …

  2. As regards an incestuous relationship, one of sorts exists between the military, the military industrial complex, and Congress. Right on, again. end quote.

    WOW ! A threesome !

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