Bocce. Big evening. We played Not Don’s Place. Our team name is Don’s Place.

First, the explanation for the Not Don’s Place name. Keep in mind, we are grown children living here in Key West.

A few years ago, Don and Larry were having a heated dispute involving bocce. Don was sponsoring Larry’s team at the time. Don said I no longer sponsor your team. Larry retaliated by renaming his team Not Don’s Place.

We played Larry’s team last night. A blood match! Every time!

We won 2 games and lost 1. A good evening overall. We won 16-15 and 16-10  in the first and third games respectively. It was the middle game where humiliation came into play.

We lost 16-0. It happens. However, it has been years since the last time.

The two victories were the important thing. The victories buried the 16-0 humiliation. There was no friendly banter afterward by Larry’s team about having whipped our asses. As they decidedly had in the second game.

I went for a haircut yesterday morning. There were parking problems as expected. Took me a half hour to find a spot. Ended up on the side of La Concha.

The morning got better.

I sat at Blown Away waiting for my turn. Lori came up and asked what I was doing there. She said next week is your appointment. I said no, this week.

Turned out I was correct. However, her appointment book was full for the day and there was no time for Louis. It is now scheduled for next week. My hair is so short it makes no difference.

KONK Life hit the street wednesday. My column this week titled Making of a Star. The Tom Cotton story. Cotton is the Senator who wrote the letter to Iran that was signed by 46 other Republican Senators.

The article is especially worth reading. An eye opener. Things/facts we should all know.

The column is carried in this morning’s E-Blast. It also can be found through my Key West Lou page. Go to the navigation bar on top and the second listed item are the KONK Life columns.

Police officers in the news almost every day. A different kind of story today.

The Florida State Police showed up in Plantation Key traffic court and withdrew 24 traffic citations. The citations were voluntarily withdrawn. Why? No comment by the State Police. However, they did say the two officers were no longer on the force.

Strange. At some point the background information will become public.

March Madness. I have not watched a game yet. I see Kentucky won as expected last night. Kentucky beat Hampton University 79-56. Hampton obviously will not be the Cinderella team.

A take care of Louis morning ahead. A manicure and pedicure with Tammy.

Enjoy your day!



  1. That show you mentioned awhile back was being filmed down there is now on Netflix. Bloodline, Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard. It’s looks good so far, I’ve seen episode one.

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