My blog will be short this morning.

Comcast screwed me up. Lost an hour. The screen came up no internet service. Telephone help re do this, then that, disconnect, connect, etc. Finally worked after an hour. Made me tired.

I have an early haircut appointment. Do not want to miss it. Lori leaves tomorrow on a three week vacation.

Then the car to the garage. Many thanks to all who wrote and gave me advice as to the cause of the problem. I will let you know what when I know.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. My blog talk radio show. A half hour of fast moving dialogue re current events. From my perspective, of course. Join me.

Topics tonight will include my warning to the ladies that contraception is back on the table, a police epidemic of murders, an update re the children’s immigration, the disgrace of Marietta, corporate welfare and Eric Cantor, GMO info re Cordoba’s cancer deaths, Australia and milk, and Hillary Clinton supporting GMOs, wood in our food, and more.

My time out was limited last night. I was fearful the car would not turn over at some point. So I limited my travels to Don’s Place. Enjoyed chatting with Grant and Don.

Robert came in. I have not seen him in ages. He now bartends at Smokin’ Tuna. I overheard a brief conversation between Robert and Don. Robert told Don the great score he had shot on the golf course. Don reponded…..Did you play all the holes?

The lines coming out of Don’s Place could form the basis for a funny TV show. The problem is no one seems interested when I bring it up.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I know you don’t like the WSJ, but, there is a good article on our President. What I like about the WSJ is they have pretty good writers that understand economics.

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