Kalispera is Greek for good evening. It might also be Greek for hello. I am not sure. My Greek is not that good.

Anna is on the Greek island of Fourni at the moment. She skyped yesterday to wish me a happy birthday. She was at dinner. Standing behind her was a group of roughly 15 persons. Other guests, locals and the restaurant owner.

As soon as I appeared on screen, they shouted in unison…..Kalispera Key West Lou! Happy birthday! How nice. Other than Anna, I knew none of them. I have never been to Fourni.

Then we lost skype. There was not even time to say thank you.

Since yesterday was my birthday, I slept late and lazed around most of the day.

My son in law picked me up at 4 to take me to Lisa’s for dinner. I asked that we stop first at Don’s Place. I wanted to check on the car. I tried to turn the car on, for the hell of it. It started. It started again when I left Lisa’s. I am not sure when it will not start again. It will find its way to a garage today.

Lisa prepared a terrific birthday dinner. Specifically what I requested. Lasagna and chocolate cake with white frosting. I enjoyed. We all enjoyed.

After dinner, we did Happy Birthday! As I suspected, Ally directed the event.

The grandkids each wrote me a card. Lovely! Ally’s was exceptionally long.

Ally also gave me a painting she did at summer camp. A boat at sea. It sits on my kitchen cupboard already. Robert gave me ceramic plant vase. On it was Robert’s thumb print and his initials. A summer camp result, also. Robert had to first break the vase and then glue it back together. Could not have been an easy feat. There were several broken parts. The vase sits on the counter here where I work already filled with pens and pencils.

Bread is the subject of the day.

This morning’s Key West Citizen in its This Day in History section stated that on this day in 1927, an individual invented a machine to slice bread. The term “sliced bread” is defined to include packaging. The invention was a big deal.

The company involved produced Kleen Maid Sliced Bread. A small company. Sliced bread did not take off however till 1930 when Wonder Bread got involved.

Wonder Bread was national. They came up with a slogan that they thought would sell their sliced bread big time. It did. The slogan…..The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Your car no-start issue could be a bizillion things. I don’t know if anything else worked at the time it wouldn’t start, like lights. But, since it started after sitting for awhile, one of the first things I would suspect and inspect was the battery. It may have a cell or two or three going open.

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