The issue of paying a bribe to obtain the release of Americans captured by ISIS has become an open item of discussion in recent weeks. ISIS beheaded several Americans.

We are aware that citizens of other countries have been captured by ISIS. Most countries or friends paid the asked bribe to obtain their release and save their lives. $2.5 million generally being the asking price.

The position of the United States has remained adamant. We do not pay bribes, tribute or ransom.

The first time the United States as a nation was confronted with this problem was 1785. The Barbary pirates, working out of Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli, were raiding U.S. merchant ships in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.

On this day in 1785, the United States paid Algiers and Tunis $800,000 and a frigate to cease and desist. Of course, the pirates did not. They continued to capture American vessels for the goods being carried. Also for the sailors and others on board who were held for ransom.

Two Barbary Wars resulted in the early 1800s as a result. Thomas Jefferson and James Madisn were active in opposing the pirates during their terms in office.

Terminology developed at the time which is still with us today.

The Federalist Party’s cry was “…..millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute.”

The other verbiage involves words contained in the Marine Hymn: “To the shores of Tripoli…..”

Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! Lisa outdid herself. I over ate. Returned home and went into an early sleep on a full stomach. Oh, well. I was off my diet yesterday.

Jake did not look good. He is supposedly better. Thin, however. At least I thought so. I was the only one. He is off table food. No more begging. He seems to know it. Did not come around as he normally did while we were eating. The vet has Jake on a bland diet.

Cold last night! Hit 57 degrees. I succumbed. I turned the heat on. The high today is projected at 66. Still cold. Tonight’s low in the mid 60s. In a couple of days, it will be warm again. Day and night. Comfortable warm.

Enjoy your day!


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