I am very late with today’s blog. I am starting it at 2 in the afternoon. Sorry.

I had to be at the TV studio at 8 this morning. Need producer Jenna and engineer Krystal to do  my show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour is normally broadcast live at 10 on Fridays. This weekend presented a problem. Krystal is leaving tonight for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Ergo, my show had to be recorded this morning for viewing tomorrow morning.

Show recorded. Then hurried to a 10 am dental appointment. My implants were not working again. I spent 3 full hours in the dentist chair having them worked on. Thank God the problems were mechanical. No pain and suffering involved.

I did not have the time to do this blog before I left for the studio. It is now 2 in the afternoon and I am getting to it. I was in the dentist chair till one.

Spent yesterday afternoon writing another short story. Malocchio. A southern Italian version of the evil eye.

Last night was the Chart Room first. Emily, Che, Peter, and David at the bar. We were like at each other’s throats last night. Each a little edgy. Even Emily. I would give David a pass. He is incapable of speaking harshly to anyone.

The comments were sometime biting. We concluded at the end of the evening that we were a bit out of sorts and that we still loved each other.

I had to eat. Where? Did not want much. But craved real food! The diet hangs over me like a black cloud.

I went to 5 Guys. Did good. Ordered one cheeseburger with some veggies on it and a diet Pepsi. No fries, no peanuts.

I ate the cheeseburger by itself. No roll. Pushed it to the side.

Afterwards I thought….. What a good boy am I!

Please watch the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. Ten my time. Televised through out the Florida keys and Miami-Dade County via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available on the internet world wide.

Since I have already done the show, I can guarantee it is a good one! From Super bowl to Mickelson to Mc Cain to a young female defendant who gave a Judge the finger and told him f–K you to an analysis of Greece’s today problems to the illegality of women wearing pants in Paris to a German Cardinal announcing that new morning after pills were ok for German Catholic women to take in the event of a rape to more. All good stuff. Even a touch of the French and Indian War.

A major announcement. I am finally and definitely on You Tube. I verify it. I saw me myself.

You tube is carrying my friday TV/internet show the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Go to You tube and type in Key West Lou Legal Hour. The last two weeks are already in. Tomorrow’s show will allegedly be posted after the show’s scheduled completion. The shows will be aired 24 hours a day. So if you miss a friday or have not been able to watch at 10 friday mornings, You tube is available to you.

The You tube material has some kinks. Not many. All curable I am told. My show is done in five 8 minute segments. The show has been posted with each segment appearing separately. When Krystal returns from Mardi Gras, her first assignment is to make the show one segment.

That’s it for today!

Enjoy your thursday!


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