A tough day yesterday. Tons of running around. Some in further preparation for the trip, some for last minute things which popped up.

By six last night, I was beat. Brain dead. Sloan was here helping me. I told her to go home. She was tired also. I worked her hard this week.

I had many good intentions as to what I would be able to do from Italy and Greece. I will be doing this blog every day. It will be terrific as I spell out my previous day’s exploits. Amazon Kindle will also be done, as well as my weekly KONK Life column.

I wanted to do my weekly internet show from abroad. Turns out visual and audio both complicated and expensive. It is out. Audio alone not worth it. Ergo, no weekly internt show. It will start again when I return.

At some point, I will start doing my new daily You Tube show from Europe. To be called Key West Lou Commentary. Two to three minutes a day. Will be available 24 hours a day. Still working on it. Close to completion.

I have to remind myself occasionally that I am taking this long trip to relax. It is intended to be a vacation. I want it to be.

My biggest pain yesterday involved my prescription drugs. I need a 2-3 month supply to cover my needs while away. An ordeal to set up. Between Walgreen and the insurance company. I won’t get in to the details, but both should be ashamed! It took me 3 days and many phone calls and visits to get what seemed to me a simple problem resolved.

Dentist in the middle of yesterday. I think…..I emphasize the word think…..that the problem is resolved. My implants should be ok. Two parts malfunctioned. Defective. I hope we have it right now. Whatever, I will have to put up with it the next two months. I hope I will have teeth. I am going to look pretty stupid sitting in a bar in Santorini sipping ozou with teeth missing!

I quick visited Lisa and the grandkids late in the afternoon. Ally did not know where Italy was. Robert did. He also knew it looked like a boot.

A couple of days ago I stopped at the airport. I wanted to buy one of those things people put behind/around their necks to sleep while flying. I went to the store located on the departure floor of the airport. A small crowded place. Had never been there before.

Met Keren. That is how her name is spelled. A lovely Israeli. Oozing with personality. She owns the store. Jet Lag Accessories. Stop in and look around some time. Even if you are not traveling. Her store has many interesting items.

Three things confront me today. Then I shall be ready. Need a couple more items from the drug store. Have to visit Diego at Verizon. I have voice on text and e mail re my new cell phone. I talk and it prints. The problem is I cannot figure out how to do the voice part. Packing to do also. Not difficult. I have my clothes for the trip laid out on a bed.

Dinner with Kurt later last night at Michael’s. He left me after dinner to bartend at Don’s Place till 4 this morning. Suzzette bartending at Michael’s. We had a quiet dinner and some good talk.

Please continue to read this blog while I am gone. I look forward to sharing with you whatever my exploits might be in Milan, Navarro, Athens, Santorini, Mykinos, and finally Portofino. Should be good!

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “TWO DAYS BEFORE I LEAVE

  1. Have a wonderful trip dear friend. What an exciting adventure you will have! I know she won’t remember us, but tell Anna we said hi! Safe travels and we’ll see you next season in Key West!
    Love ya,

  2. Lou
    May you have a safe and fun trip. Fran and I wish you a fantastic time. And we look forward to seeing you in the Fall.
    Tom and Fran Dixon

  3. Paul just stumbled upon your blog while looking into all things Key West for an upcoming vacation. It is still a few months away but we are already excited : ) It has been four years since our last visit to Key West and five since we experienced Italy (sigh). I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts and keeping up with your Greek and Italian adventures!

    PS We own a little business called Caretaking Couple and will be looking for more long term sits soon; please keep us in mind if ever you need someone to take care of your property and/or pets : )

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