It’s all Sandy! Everything! The storm dominates the news. Even places the Presidential campaign on a back burner.

No wonder. Sandy is described as a superstorm. A big name! I do not recall any hurricane being so described in the 20 odd years I have had to deal with them.

In Key west, we have become accustomed to taking hurricane warnings with a grain of salt. There is always much pre storm hype. Then the storm turns and nothing happens. Hurricanes are fickle. They have been known to change course on a dime.

I do not think this one is fickle. Sandy is headed directly for the northeast. Right now it appears New Jersey and New York will experience the brunt of the storm. Though we never know for certain. Other states may come in for worse.

Sandy is a big girl! With a waist line to boot! Huge! She covers a geographically wide area.

It has been suggested Sandy will sit for a couple of days when it hits land. Sitting means it will stay over an area and not move. The worst from a mental perspective! Dark, windy and rainy outside. You stuck inside. With one mental focus: When will it end?

Point Pleasant and Ocean City are mentioned as places on the Jersey Shore where Sandy will make first land entry. I know Point Pleasant well. Summer vactioned there with the family for several years. Visted Ocean City once. In Maryland. Beautiful beaches. Perdue chicken farms blanket the area. I saw them and smelled them. I do not know what is going to be done with all the chickens to protect them.

Snow, too! My home town Utica in upstate New York is going to be buried. It is a northeaster joining with Sandy. Coupled with cold Artic air from the north.

New York City and its Battery will experience flooding as well as wind damage. Sandy is anticipated to hit at high tide which will make the floodiong even worse. Then will come the surge. Poor New York!

This storm of storms is still being felt here in Key West. Though minimally. A few days ago the wind was coming from the north and north east. The direct off spring of Sandy. Starting yesterday afternoon, the wind was and still is coming from the north west. Every time there is a northeasterly, the wind comes from the northwest. The northeaster is moving into the northeast and will join up with Sandy. A marriage of two giants!

It is also cool this morning. High 60s. Why, I am not sure. Could just be a cold front coming in.

I did not feel well yesterday. A touch of something. Spent the day laying around. Never left the house.

I feel fine this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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