Larry Smith’s opening at La Te Da last night was a gigantic success. The bar was packed. People having a good time.

The evening had a degree of nostalgia for me. I have been doing La Te Da for 25 years. The bar always the same. Never changed. The room always full of people late night. Locals and tourists, gay and straight. A fun place, a happy place.

The inside bar where Larry was entertaining was the only part of La Te Da open last night. The outside bar and dining area under construction. New owner Christopher is doing a lot of work. I am sure the new La Te Da will be magnificent.

I hope Christopher upgrades and renovates everything, except for the inside bar. It is like the Chart Room. It has a flavor that cannot be replaced. It has become an integral part of Key West.

La Te Da should also consider contracting Larry to play on a steady basis. Larry packed the room on a monday night and in a building that otherwise was a construction site.

On my way to La Te Da, I passed Square One. It was open! I had to stop in.

A new owner. The present owner of Banana Cafe.

I have been a loyal customer of Square One for the more than 20 years it has been open. Only two previous owners. Michael Stewart and Carmelo. Always good food. Always fine dining. The moods different. Michael one way, Carmelo another. Each comfortable.

I did not particularly like the new decor. Probably because it is not consistent with the old. Change is difficult or me. If I had never been to Square One before, I would have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the new restaurant.

The menu new, also. I am not sure how to describe it. The dish I enjoyed was outstanding.

A new bartender. Mandy. A lovely young lady. Personable. Helped me with my menu choice. Her judgment can be trusted. I was told Patrick will not be returning. His choice. His time to lie back and smell the roses.

Ran into Mary Lou and Charlie. Great people! Mary Lou was out and on her way. Charlie finishing a drink at the bar. Chatted with Charlie a while.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock my time. Join me for another interesting and revealing show.

I believe our legal system is disintegrating. I am going to talk a bit about it. Examples will include Ferguson, Mississippi, New York City, Detroit, and recent Supreme Court decisions. Some Hong Kong. Plus, another example of government waste. A half million  dollars being spent on a study to determine why obese girls have a hard time getting dates.

I bought Lisa’s birthday gift over the internet from a company called Red Envelope. It arrived yesterday. I was late in ordering the gift.

I was absolutely pleased with the gift, packaging, and card. I highly recommend you try Red Envelope. The prices are relatively cheap. The gifts show imagination.

Another bad saturday ahead for Syracuse. We play Florida State. The #1 team in the country.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column for KONK Life entitled Mob Rule. It had to do with political correctness controlling many things today. An example being professional athletes and their wrongdoings. I did not and do not believe it proper that the cry of the masses dictate punishment. Let the law do its job. In spite of the disintegration mentioned earlier.

I make mention this morning of the issue because of the story hitting the media concerning the swimmer Michael Phelps. He was arrested for drunk driving. Not the first time. The USA Swimming organization has suspended him from participation for 6 months. I do not agree. Better a judge gave him 6 months. He still faces legal disposition.

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  1. Regarding the disintegration of our legal system, just get ready for the top to pop off when the grand jury comes back in the Ferguson policeman who shot Michael Brown. Being from St. Louis, I watch the local news, and police and state police are providing instructions for residents to evacuate the suburb if/when the grand jury doesn’t indict the policeman. The fear for businesses and even houses is very real and this powder keg is going to explode. I’m not sure what the strategy is for law enforcement, however I hope they can contain the unrest before Ferguson burns to the ground. Get ready, the decision is close.

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