Goombay begins a week from friday. Besides being a feast unto itself, the event marks the beginning of Fantasy Fest.

Goombay is a Bahamian celebration. Its origins trace back to around 1825 when 30-40 wrecking ships yearly began arriving in Key West from the Bahamas. Later in the 1800s, many Bahamians moved to Key West to work in the fishing, sponging and turtling businesses.

Goombay is held in the heart of Key West’s Bahama Village. The feast itself is held on Petronia Street where it runs off Duval. Stands erected on both sides of the street offering all sorts of exotic foods and trinkets. Typical Bahamian music will be from a bandstand at the far end of Petronia.

The word gombay is derived from the musical instrument Bahamians played. The same type which today are played by many all over the world. The small wood cylinder covered with a material which responds to hands beating on it while held between the player’s knees.

Petronia Street will be jam packed for the event. Crowded. Little walking space. Everyone moving at a crawl. The event reminds me of the Italian San Gennaro feast held every year in Little Italy in New York. Same narrow street. Mulberry. Stands on both sides. Hundreds of people.

Bahama Village is and has been primarily a marginal area. However in recent years, many fine restaurants and shops have opened. Most doing a thriving business.

I spent yesterday afternoon finalizing last night’s blog talk radio show. Half the show was devoted to what I described as the disintegration of our legal system. I enjoyed doing it. I plan on putting it to print today or tomorrow and submitting the topic as next week’s KONK Life column.

This week’s KONK Life column hits the streets at 5 today. Banks Divorce Porn Stars…..Hypocrisy. You will enjoy the article.

Spent a lot of time running around yesterday, accomplishing nothing. At 5, I stopped at Don’s Place for a drink. Ran into Jimmy, Joanie, and John. Jimmy still ranting about the new parking ordinance. He is right in everything he is saying. However nothing anyone can do about it. The powers to be in Key West have ruled.

My ankles are coming down. About half way there this morning. A water pill a day and keeping my feet up as much as possible.

Read something interesting on the internet yesterday. The Pentagon or Department of Defense gave a rifle, hand gun, and humvee to a local coroner somewhere in this country. Tell me why a coronner needs the guns and the humvee. If he wants a Humvee, let him go out and buy one!

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