Title spelled correctly. Did not intend to type Normal.

NORML is an organization whose mission is to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana. Its further mission is to serve as a consumer advocate for access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.

The organization is not a Johnny come lately. It is 45 years old. Its membership consists primarily of marijuana defense lawyers.

NORMAL has a one week seminar each year. Attorneys attend from all over the U.S. It traditionally has been meeting in Key West for many years. Most often at the Pier House. The actual title of the meeting is the NORML Key West Legal Seminar.

This is their week. The Chart Room was packed last night with seminar attendees. Drinking, not smoking.

My yesterdays generally begin the same way. With the anti-gravity treadmill at Body Owners. Yesterday morning was quiet. Unusual. I went at it again with 30 seconds of high speed and two minutes slow. Supposed to strengthen my heart.

Had to rush home afterwards. Every friday at 12:30, I am interviewed on the KONK News Radio Show. The topic is the subject matter of that week’s KONK Life column. Yesterday, The Eiffel Tower.

The Chart Room first last night. Searching for Jean Thornton. She had telephoned earlier and we agreed to meet at the Chart Room for a drink. We ended up a foursome. Sheila and Stephanie were part of the group. Us in the middle of the pot lawyers.

Cheryl and Roger were at the Chart Room also. Sitting at the round table with some friends.

Decided to go straight home afterwards. About half way there, my stomach started to growl. I was hungry. Stopped at Outback for lamb chops. Outback a locals place. Good value for the money. Always packed.

We have had two consecutive days of heavy rain. More predicted for later this morning. Whoever is responsible for the rain apparently is not aware this is not Key West’s rainy season.

The Christmas Parade is tonight. Hope it is not rained out. A terrific event! Especially for kids.

I mentioned some strange nature happenings yesterday. Forgot one.

Each morning on rising, I look out my bedroom window. About a hundred yards distant at the entrance to Cypress Lake sits a buoy of sorts. A warning post. It marks low water. Boats are warned to avoid the area.

I have lived in my Key West home 16 years. Look out the window each morning when I rise. Always see the thing bouncing in the water. A couple of days ago, it was different. I could actually see the ground holding it. The tide must have been out. However, the water level lower than normal for low tide. There was a circle of land exposed around the warning buoy. Ten feet in diameter.

Which raises the question. Sea levels have been rising for years. Why was this the first time I saw land exposed?

I mentioned several weeks ago La Trattoria was closed and would be reopening after Fantasy Fest. It finally opened last night at 5. Remodeling the reason for the closing and delay. There was a sinking problem in part of the first floor not anticipated which required more time for the project to be completed.

Syracuse/Georgetown at 1. On FOX. Georgetown a 5 1/2 point favorite.

This will be the first of 9 games Boeheim will be sitting out. Hopkins will be coaching. Hopkins perfect to assume the responsibility. He has been waiting years. When the time comes that Boeheim retires, the head coaching job is his. It has already been agreed in writing that Hopkins will succeed Boeheim.

OPEC crying about oil prices being dramatically low. Too bad. Let them cry. They got fat off the rest of the world for decades. Never forget, they gave us $4 a gallon gasoline.

The couple who did the shooting in San Bernardino. Something I do not understand. Traditionally, children always come first. One’s own children especially. The couple had a six month daughter who they left with the grandmother when they went out to terrorize.

The couple had to know they would die. Or be jailed for years. Where was their concern for the child? How could their Islamic beliefs outweigh that responsibility?

Enjoy your day!



5 comments on “NORML

  1. “Where was their concern for the child? How could their Islamic beliefs outweigh that responsibility?”

    Their obvious deep “concern” for their child was co-equal with the love and compassion they showed the 14 people they murdered.

    As for their Islamic beliefs, it is almost or perhaps IS “cult-like” in nature. Not much to do with a loving and benign GOD who by now is probably twenty universes away from here in disgust. I heard on the news that these “Holy” warriors take drugs to assist with their murders and suicidal death wishes. Great people and ones that appear to have mistaken Lucifer for light.

  2. (1) Time to end the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”. If you own your own body, what you put into it is your own business. Don’t expect me to pay for your poor (imho) decisions. If you hurt no one, you should be left alone.

    (2) OPEC is trying to destroy the US fracking industry by low oil prices. If they don’t, then we can out produce them. And, BHO44 is helping by killing the pipelines.

    (3) Sorry, but Muslims have become a very dangerous minority in the USA. While I am sure the many I have met are peaceful, they have to be “suspect”. Of course, allowing the good people to carry concealed would solve a lot of this nonsense. Notice how the mass shootings seem to always occur at “gun free zones”. Let’s introduce some element of risk for the criminals.

    “I particularly like unlimited concealed carry. If the criminal regards the general public as sheep to be shorn, then let’s sprinkle in a few ‘sheepdogs’ with big teeth in the flock. Guess which gay to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Pink Pistol and you’re dead! Guess which woman to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Paxton Quigly and you’re dead! Guess which brown person to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Massad Ayoob and you’re dead!”
    GUNS: Let’s sprinkle in a few “sheepdogs” with big teeth in the flock
    Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 at 20:26
    Ferdinand John Reinke

  3. It would be nice to bring this board into the 20th century with font and edit features. Sloan can do it, its not hard. And, I think your readers would like it.

  4. I had a few minutes, so, I looked at some government stats. From 1913 until 2012 the mean sea level in Key West was at its highest during 1940-50 and again from 1970-75.

  5. Something I do not understand.
    end quote

    Simple. They do not think like we do. We as Americans can’t seem to understand that. We can’t understand other people not thinking as we do and/or wanting to kill us.
    So, why try to understand them. Kill them when needed.

    Also, I’m sitting here watching a documentary about radical weather changes throughout our worlds history. I’m finally glad to see that real history is starting to be told. Oh my gosh, these took place long before any bad ole auto tail pipes and factory chimneys were around. These changes occurred quickly and took centuries to return to ‘normal’ [ whatever normal is because we still don’t know what that is].

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