The calm before the storm. It never fails. Especially where a hurricane is involved.

I stepped outside just after 7 this morning. No wind. Zip. Nothing. Trees not moving. Looked upward. The sky blue. Not a cloud.

The way it always has been in my 30 years storm experience living in Key West.

Such does not necessarily mean the coming hurricane is going to hit Key West. There are peripheral winds and rain for hundreds of miles adjoining a hurricane itself.

A Category 1 hurricane is in the making. Coming up from the south. Not yet even a Tropical Storm. Still a Tropical Depression. Referred to at the moment as Tropical Depression 10. At some point will become a Tropical Storm. Then, a hurricane. There is a name in waiting for when the weather achieves hurricane status. Idalia.

The Tropical Depression is presently heading for Florida. Will run up outside Florida’s west coast sometime today. At which time it will achieve Tropical Storm status.

The Panhandle is presently expected to be in danger. Landfall expected at the Panhandle at which time the storm is projected as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 100 miles per hour. Rain and wind expected to cover all of the state by that time, though actual landfall not expected till late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

I began hearing from friends in northern Florida yesterday. Sarasota and Panhandle area. “We’re going to get hit!” Panic setting in. Told me of water shortages already in the supermarkets and long lines waiting to gas up.

Many times you have read my reference to hurricanes being fickle. The wind shifts frequently and dramatically. Two days ago this storm was going to make landfall in Mexico. Today, the Panhandle. It is obviously moving east. Might miss the Panhandle totally and make landfall somewhere east of Florida. Perhaps, though I doubt it, miss Florida all together.

Subway is in the process of selling its business for close to $10 billion to Roark Capital.. Roark already owns Dunkin Donuts, Carvel, Jimmy Johns, Arby’s, Cinnabon and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Subway has been a family owned business since 1965. Two families. Started back then with $1,000. One of the starters was a 17 year old looking for a way to make money for college.

The successful American dream achieved!

Bob Barker died yesterday at 99 years of age. The 30 year plus host of The Price Is Right was known back then to all Americans and remains remembered today by many. He was an open spokes person in support of animal rights. He won 19 Emmys during his career.

Viktor Hovland on his way to a major golf victory today. He has a six stroke lead going into the final round of the Fed X PGA Tournament. His victory could be worth as much as $21.6 million. A big day for the 25 year old athlete.

Hovland appears a modest individual. He openly acknowledged yesterday, “I don’t think I’ve ever played this well before.”

Great golf today! I can’t wait for the final round to begin.

A Facebook joke. Picture of an elderly lady and a child. The woman appears to be reading to the child. The dialogue: “Child – You’re 96 and still don’t need glasses? Woman – No, I drink straight from the bottle.”

Trump has raised $7.1 million (so he says) so far from selling his Georgia mug shot photo on T-shirts, hats, cups, etc.


The man allegedly commits crimes, is legally pursued, and always finds a way to make money (millions!) off his calamity which also can be described as his wrongdoing.

Brilliant, yes. However, just does not set right with me. Especially since by his own admission he is already worth billions. The money he raises by selling things like his mug shot is to pay his legal bills. He screws the American people in the first instance, then again by selling things representing his having been charged for breaking the law to help pay his legal bills. The American people take a double hit and pay for the beating each time.

Something wrong with those Americans who believe Trump and permit him to take advantage of them as he does.

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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