I have a dream! Today is the sixtieth anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic speech. Spoken  at the March on Washington before thousands. There will be a commemorative March and speeches today before thousands.

King’s words that day were transformative. They will be so for another sixty years and more thereafter. They are part of American history. Assuming, of course, DeSantis does not knock them out of school books.

Whatever the storm that is developing in the Caribbean, it will most likely  impact Key West and the Keys. The question is to what degree. At the moment, appears minimally. However, its precise direction is yet to be determined.

Trump is facing a new legal battle by reason of Section Three of the 14th Amendment. A Florida tax lawyer has filed what appears to be the first lawsuit seeking Trump’s ban from being Presidnet again. The case has been brought under authority of Section Three.

I was one of the first to pick up on The Hill and law review articles and comment on the Disqualification Clause. One question arises. Section Three fails to set forth the procedure by which such action can be brought. Is an individual citizen a proper petitioner? Or is some official election person required? The issue is one of “standing.”

We’ll soon find out.

I suspect the Florida tax lawyer’s case is the first of several which will be filed in the next few weeks.

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “An over-crowded highway, a chronic affordable housing crisis with rents and property values going through the roof, lack of water capacity, these are just a few of the too many concerns our elected representatives should perhaps consider before ‘green lighting’ more high-end home developments.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote an interesting article which was published this morning. I recommend its reading: Climate Change Came For Maui – The Rest Of Us Are Next.

COVID has returned. Palm Beach County is being hit hard. Get your booster shots, wear masks where you deem it advisable, and otherwise use good common sense.

Tomorrow is National Cinema Day. In celebration thereof, tickets at Tropic Cinema will be $4 all day.

I was out again last night. Five days in a row. I have not done that since pre-COVID. Not good! Drank five nights in a row also. Even worse. Not much. However, my drinking has been past me for quite awhile.

It was fun! Each and every night! Still not healthy.

It was the Thai again. Steve, Cindy, Ellen and a new lady. Sweat Pea. Such is what she is called. Good company all.

I plan on staying in the next two nights.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “I HAVE A DREAM

  1. The Federalist Society should never be considered as white knights and always suspected as sneaky far right conservatives who always have an agenda for their own goals. This 13th amendment issue to remove Trump is just another Trojan horse move to destroy America with by altering how we elect our presidents and NOT about Trump (their candidate) who they know is now dead meat anyhow. Be VERY wary if the Federalist Society is pushing something, it is NEVER what it seems to be and ALWAYS far more deadly than appears on the surface.

    • David is completely right, beware of whatever issue the Federalist Society is behind. The are behind EVERY single judge appointed during the Trump administration and five of the current Supreme Court Justices: Samuel Alito., Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. These are evil people and like all Libertarians, believe they are actually smarter than you (in a Patrick sort of way).

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