Portions of Florida in danger. The upper west coast. Hurricane Idalia projected to do landfall somewhere north of Tampa. As a Category 3. Dangerous!

My friends in the Tampa and Saratoga areas have been calling. They’re getting ready. Storing up on water and foods. Cars gassed up. Shutters in place. Two injured while putting up shutters. Everyone tense.

More than wind a problem. Surges will be in play.

We in the Keys are fortunate. Idalia will merely be passing by. Glad we are to be ignored. Sad others will not.

Everyone involved, be careful. Prepare by the rules. Stay with friends.

Mourners booed DeSantis at a vigil for the 3 Black people killed at the Jacksonville Dollar General Store. DeSantis, in effect, lied to those in attendance. He deserved to be booed.

DeSantis said, “We are not going to let people be targeted based on their race.”

The man is a whore. He has loosened gun laws and spelled out anti-black positions. He is a white supremacist. Speaks with a forked tongue.

The Taliban continues treating women poorly in Afghanistan. This past week banned women from the country’s first national park because they failed to wear traditional Muslim hijab head coverings while visiting the park. Previously, the Taliban shut universities to women and blocked women from leaving Afghanistan with student visas to study abroad.

Syracuse opens its football season against long time rival Colgate saturday. Syracuse should win. However recent seasons have proven Syracuse football leaves much to be desired. 

We shall see saturday.  A new season? Or, the same old same old?

On this day in 1968, the Democratic National Convention was being held in Chicago. Police were battling thousands of demonstrators in the streets outside.

The issue was the Vietnam War. It had torn our country apart.

I found the street fights at that time as disturbing as the January 6 attack at the Capitol. How could it be happening in my country? In my United States? The same feelings I later had on January 6.

My computer is giving me trouble. I have to stop. Can’t find Sloan. Blog cut short.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You call out the Taliban for suppressing Afghan women for not doing something they believe they shouldn’t do.

    How different is that from Republicans (the American Taliban) suppressing American women from having using birth control?

    Let’s not be the first to throw stones.

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