I enjoy writing about Harry Truman. Not only because of his connection with and love for Key West. His life in general. Truman was a no bullshit person. Straightforward and honest. He called them as he saw them.

I received an e-mail yesterday containing a Truman quote. I was familiar with the quote. It merits comment here.

“My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there is hardly any difference.”

The quote first came to my attention when I read David McCullough’s Truman. The biography was published in 1998. I did not get to read it till ten years ago.

The book another War and Peace. Long. One thousand plus pages. Took forever to read. Especially the way I read it.

Borders had a Key West book store location ten years ago. On Northern Boulevard. Where today sits a PET store. I used Borders as a library. The Key West library was adequate. However, parking terrible. Borders had a large parking lot.

Borders also had small comfortable black leather chairs. I sat and read Truman in one of those chairs. A couple of hours a day. It took forever to complete.

Spent yesterday afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Did the show at 9. A bit of everything. Sports, politics, life in general. Covered a multitude of sins.

One being a New York City problem. Taxi drivers and hired car drivers are making sexual comments to female passengers. And, ejaculating on them. The comments and ejaculations increased big time last year.

New York is working on a new local law to ban the sexual comments and ejaculations. Punishment, a $1,000 fine. I would throw them in jail!

Watched Wisconsin political dribble off and on during the day. It’s the political junkie in me.

I was pleased to see Trump and Hillary take a beating. Hopefully the losses will shape them up. Trump has to learn honesty. Hillary that truth is not to be twisted.

Dinner at Roostica.

Three weeks ago, forget getting a table. Not even get a seat at the bar. The season is over. The place was deserted last night. Pleasant!

I appreciate the small crowd does nothing for Bobby and his staff. However, it is nice once again to enjoy one of my favorite dining places.

Difficult sleeping last night. I turned on Turner Classics. A great two hour show. Not an old movie. The life of Gregory Peck. Gregory Peck casually moderating the show. A great man, a great show. An interesting life. Not typical Hollywood. A family man first. Then an actor who took his work seriously.

Enjoy your day!


Happy Easter one and all! To those not Christian, Happy what ever your holiday. Such as Passover. And to those neither Christian nor Jewish, a Happy Day to you!

When my children were young, I started a family tradition. An Easter Sunday egg hunt. It was for the children. Then their children. Now for the two young ones left. Robert and Ally.

There came a time in between when the children were no longer young and the grandchildren not yet on the scene. We kept the tradition going. The older people did the searching. The first participants were my mother and father. One year, my former wife and I did the scurrying around searching.

This morning I have to be at Lisa’s at 9. For the Easter egg hunt!

The tradition is more than 50 years old.

Great basketball last night! Kentucky was not the better team on the floor. Especially in the last 5 minutes. Wisconsin deserved to win. Kentucky has nothing to be ashamed of. They had a hell of a year!

Monday night, Duke/Kentucky. I suspect it will be one of the best games ever.

On this day in 1969, President Truman and his wife Bess left Key West for the last time. The President’s 11th visit. The day he left was the 175th one he had been in Key West.

Where are you Bum Farto? When I first saw the statement many years ago, I thought it was a joke. Bum Farto? Who would have a name like that?

Bum Farto was at one time the Key West Fire Chief. He was convicted on a drug charge in 1976. He failed to show up in court for sentencing. He has neither been seen nor heard from since.

Enjoy this holiday Sunday!