I did not get home and to bed till one last night. Overslept this morning. Have the Key West Lou Legal Hour at 10. The blog will have to be quick.

Syracuse won last night! Beat Indiana 61-50. A sweet victory. I never expected it. On to Marquette saturday. Another tough game. Marquette beat Syracuse during the season 74-71.

I am starting to become a believer. Just maybe…..

Yesterday morning was  a haircut and beard trim with Lori. Spent the afternoon fine tuning today’s show. Ten this morning my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Via television and the internet. TV from Key West through Miami-Dade county via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide.

Interesting topics. Like Cyprus and the banks, the rich get richer, $6,000 for a Supreme Court spectator seat, birth control Boston College style.

Join me. You will enjoy.

Bocce last night. We lost all three. Close games, Nevertheless we lost. I played the first game with Frankie. We were losing 9-2. We came back. Still lost 16-15. I did not have the stellar performance as last week. My playing was back to normal.

Stopped at Sandy’s on White Street for a bite on the way to Don’s to watch the game. Enjoyed a Cuban cheese toast with tomato. I was sitting outside. A huge dog came over. I do not know what kind. Big and white with brown and black spots.

He looked at me with big sympathetic eyes. He was hungry. I shared have my sandwich with him. He stayed the whole time.

A police officer arrived. He came to eat. Saw my friend. Told me he had to take him to the pound. No collar or tag. I felt terrible.

I am going to check tomorrow to make sure his owner found him. It would be a crime to do away with him.

Don’s Place for the Syracuse/Indiana game. Don an Indiana fan. David watched with us. Dee came during the game and stayed a while.

Hershel and Erika, where were you? Both die hard Indiana fans. In the middle of bocce, they put on their Indiana sweat shirts to aggravate me. I would have enjoyed watching the game with them. And smiling big at them when Syracuse won!

That’s all folks. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Great show, Louis! Here’s the new web address for the TV show if you want to update it on your blog:

    Looking forward to visiting with you this summer; save us a seat at the Chart room!

    Billy and Cindy

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