Major storms may be predictable, but are not precise as to location. Storms are fickle. The big northeaster hit 50 miles east of where it was predicted. New York City escaped the major impact.

The snow storm not hitting where predicted is like a hurricane due to hit Key West and does not. After a while, the natives do not take serious hurricane warnings and remain. All exclaim they have heard it before and nothing happened.

The problem is that some day it will happen. Whether another Key West hurricane or major New york City snow storm. And some will not react to warnings because they have been there before and nothing happened.

The Florida keys have a GMO problem. Concerning mosquitoes. Something is done in a lab to the males. The female offspring die as a result. The Florida Keys Mosquito District is suggesting the program will help prevent dengue and is considerably cheaper than present methods used to keep the mosquito population down.

The plan has yet to receive the approval of the FDA. There will be no GM mosquitoes till so approved. Never the less, Oxitec, the British company wanting to do the modifying, has already constructed a breeding laboratory for the male mosquitoes in Marathon.

I hope the lab never becomes operable. The people of the keys are being used as guinea pigs. I am not alone in my thinking. Already 130,00 have signed a petition protesting the situation.

Tuesday comes fast every week. My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me. A fun half hour.

Topics include the Greek election, Koch brothers should be concerned re Greece’s election results, young people in Japan lacking in libido, the cost of fighting ISIS and the land retaken as a result, an example of Citicorp’s Washington influence, Georgia driver given a ticket for eating a cheeseburger while driving, the snow storm and global warming, and more.

Syracuse is killing me! Syracuse lost last night to North Carolina 93-83. Syracuse played well for 35 minutes. The game was lost in the last 5 minutes.

My time yesterday was spent getting ready for tonight’s blog talk radio show and watching the basketball game.

Friends in Greece and Italy have been e-mailing re the Greek election. The next three months in Europe will be interesting. A global recession could be in the making. Europe in economic turmoil definitely.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “STORMS ARE FICKLE

  1. “A global recession could be in the making. Europe in economic turmoil definitely.”

    Yep, and the Euro Central Bank is following the Fed’s lead and starting QE and bond buying schemes. Ultimately, with the financial stratification now seen globally as a symptom of a corrupted free market system, the House of Cards that is global trade will tumble at some point, effecting everyone.

    The dollar so far is our savior as the literal last safe haven for storing value. It will be interesting to see what happens when gasoline prices start their rise as the shale plays diminish. Reading the industry trades they deplete ten times faster then conventional wells and cost much more to drill and maintain.

  2. Oh my gosh. You’ve been told before. The mosquito’s are not GMO. And, they have been used successfully for years in other countries. These ain’t new critters. Plus, as told before, only the males are sterilized. Its only the females that ‘sting’. The purpose is to reduce and eventually eliminate reproduction without the use of pesticides. And here I told myself I would never read this blog again.

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