Yesterday was a day I never left the house. I wrote all day. It was not my intention. However, the mood fell upon me and I went with it.

The decision has been made as to which of the three books I have been working on will publish next. It will be a collection of essays. In effect, The World Upside Down #2. My day was spent working on the book.

The book is not ready for the publisher. There is much yet to be done.

I particularly enjoyed doing my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Why, I am not sure. The topics were interesting. I sat back and chatted thoughts and opinions for a half hour.

Post show comments clearly indicate the global warming/climate change segment the most interesting. I merely suggested with all the strange and biggest ever storms experienced in recent years, the cause had to be global warming.

Most comments agreed with me. There were a few who took the position I was wrong on the issue. There is no global warming as far as they were concerned. My reaction, the blind cannot see.

The segment I enjoyed most was the one involving snowmen in Saudi Arabia.

I never knew there was snow in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was all sand. I was wrong. An area called Tabuk province near the Jordanian border is cold, gets strong winter winds and snow.

A cleric in the province recently condemned snowmen as anti-Islamic. As I understand it, Islamic Law prohibits the creation of an image of a human being. To do so is sinful. Said another way, building a snowman is imitating the infidels and promotes lustiness and eroticism.

I was unaware I could be turned on by a snowman. If I ever return to snow country, I shall look closely at the first snowman I see. A new turn on, perhaps.

I am in a pensive mood this morning. I came across in my voluminous notes a comment worthy of sharing…..We celebrate the right to vote, yet politicians and courts work hard to disenfranchise the poor and non-white.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The blind can not see
    end quote

    Some of us know just how blind you are in so many ways. All one has to do is look at weather history. Global ‘Warmists’ can’t deal with weather’s true history. After-al, why confuse issues with facts.
    I said I’d stay away, I have too.

  2. First it was “Global Warming” then, the world average temperture got cooler by .0072 degrees. So now what? Now it’s called “Climate Change”. Can’t miss now..
    Last week they held the world climate change conference in Switzerland. 1,722 private jets flew in.. Ha Ha..
    Need I say more?

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