A lot of truth in the title. I cannot take credit for having said it. The man, Thomas Jefferson. The full quote: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

Jefferson died broke. He was financially in trouble most of his life.

This morning’s Key West Citizen World Almanac mentions that after the British burned down what is now known as the Congressional Library, Congress voted to buy Jefferson’s personal 6,487 volume library to replenish the books lost in the fire.

The reason Congress bought Jefferson’s library was to give him financial assistance. They knew he was in dire economic straits. The banks were killing him.

The library sale was in 1815. Jefferson died in 1826. Debt ridden. His last years were spent worrying about his indebtedness and how pay it off. His estate was so bad off financially, that his family had to sell Jefferson’s beloved Monticello.

There cannot be any wonder why Jefferson disliked banks so much.

An unusual sunset last night. I watched it from my deck. There was a bank of white and grey clouds. Rippled. The setting sun came through in a pinkish-orange glow.

Keith and Jennifer were with me part of the afternoon doing some chores. Both hard workers.

Richard Crooks was a respected, liked and talented musician. Drums were his specialty. He recently died.

A Key West celebration was held yesterday. Crooks’ friends marched down Duval New Orleans style. About 200. His musician friends playing. The parade started at Hogs Breath. Literally went through Sloppy Joe’s. Ended at the Green Parrot where a jam session was held in his memory.

This morning’s KONK Life E-Blast had a comment by Donna Windle. Donna is anti GMOs. I recommend her comment. It is too lengthy to reprint here.

I ran into Helen Basinger saturday night at Tavern ‘n Town. She is relatively new to Key West. She wrote a book on how to stop smoking. Quit Smoking Now & Forever. I like Helen. A perky personality and intelligent mind.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Not a good basketball season. I love the school regardless of the poor playing this season. I have given the issue much thought. The reason I and many others are disappointed, sad, etc. is because we have been spoiled. All these years a fantastic basketball team! It had to happen. Even the mighty fall!

Syracuse lost to Miami saturday night 66-62. The defeat perhaps enough to put a nail in the NCAA tournament. NIT here we come!

Syracuse plays North Carolina tonight at 7. Syracuse is an 11 1/2 point underdog.

We fans are all bleeding orange this season.

The Greek election was held yesterday. As I thought, the radical far left Syriza Party won. A blow out. They took 149 of 300 seats in their Parliament. Already the small Independent Greek Party has joined them to ensure an immediate coalition government.

I mention the victory because the media is basically not. It makes me wonder. I watched the first 1 1/2 hours of Morning Joe this morning. Not one word. Google News was very brief.

Today’s world is fighting battles economically. Greece is going to counter the Eurounion hard. There is talk the new government will agree to pay ony half of what is owed. And that half will be paid with better stretched out terms.

Germany of course is going crazy. A lot of German money was loaned to Greece. Without repayment, Germany could go into recession. Other countries are watching. If Greece can screw the Eurounion, so too can Italy and Spain.

What will be happening will affect banking, money, and relationships world wide.

All very interesting. Why not more in the media?

To my friends up north, stay warm. Besides a ton of snow, chill factors at minus or hovering around one degree. Cold!

Enjoy your day!





  1. “What will be happening will affect banking, money, and relationships world wide.

    All very interesting. Why not more in the media?”

    I would imagine because if the Powers that Be told the truth here it might spook the sheeple here to stop spending and going into debt for things and start saving.

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