It is amazing the different things that come into play with this blog. My opening comments today involve the Sisters of Charity. A Catholic religious women’s order.

My high school back in Utica, NY was taught by Sisters of Charity. The nuns with the big white head dress. You could not miss one. The white head top that resembled a bird’s wings. Topping a blue frocked full length dress. A lovely face in between.

Today is the day in 1975 that Pope Pius VI declared Elizabeth Ann Seton a saint. Seton possessed two significant characteristics from my perspective. She was the first born American to become a Catholic saint. She also was the founder of the Sisters of Charity.

We heard much of her in high school.

One particular Sister of Charity had a decided impact on me. Sister Gertrude. She taught me history. She sensed I liked history and encouraged my studies in the area. She took me beyond the class books. She was also responsible for me going to Manhattan College. Her cousin was a Christian Brother and Director of Athletics. Sister Gertrude made sure I got accepted.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I share the observance with you because of Robert. As most of you are aware, he was born with cancer. After two major surgeries during the first eight days of his life at Miami Childrens Hospital, Robert is ok. God love him!

We generally think of older people and cancer. Walk the hallways of Miami Childrens Hospital. You will see and never forget that children are afflicted also.

My ankle has not hurt since the doctor soft casted, ace bandaged and booted me. Amazing! The boot is cumbersome. I complain not, however. I cannot wait to be rid of it though.

Spent a couple of hours at Don’s Place last night early in the evening. Don, Hershel and Stephanie there. Don and Steph had ridden over on their scooters prior to going to a movie.

Friend David was at Don’s also. David from the Chart Room. First time I have seen him at Don’s.

I got the bocce report for last Thursday. We lost all three games. The last 16-0. I would like to say it was because I was not there. Ho ho. It would not be true, however. We played the #1 team. They win everything almost every year. They are next to impossible to beat. By any team.

Don and Hershel told me we lost the first game 16-14. close. They further told me that in spite of the 16-0 beating in the last game, the other team told them we had scored the most points overall against them this season.

A moral victory.

My plan was to grab David and head over to the Chart Room. I was tired all of a sudden. Begged off. Went to Publix instead to shop and then home.

David told me Emily is still employed by the Pier House. The reason she was not there thursday night was because she is on vacation.

Permit me to remind you once more that The Key West Lou Legal Hour is You Tubed. My own You Tube site. Enter Lou’s Legal Hour. Take a look.

Syracuse football again today! My Syracuse! I bleed for Syracuse. My blood is traditional orange.

Syracuse plays Wagner today. Wagner. No disrespect, but there was a time when Syracuse would not even consider having a Wagner on its schedule. We have fallen. I know we are rebuilding. However, the return to days of glory seems to be taking forever. When?

Syracuse University itself screws the program up. I know. I was actively involved with the University for years. I had a box at the Carrier Dome. I was Chairman of the Law School Board of Visitors, made significant contributions not only to the University but also to its sports programs. I was a small big shot. I was invited to the Chancellors box, to his home, to special black tie events, etc.

Here is what happens.

The football program is going well. Syracuse is a top 10 or 20 team. A bowl game every year. Money coming in from the program.

Universities are run by the faculty. Not the administration or a successful sports program. The faculty is made up of mental giants. Book smart. Reality dumb.

At the height of a sport program’s success, the faculty gets uncomfortable. Too much emphasis on the sport. What is the purpose of a university, they ask. To run a sport program or teach? Teaching wins out in their minds. Recall again, the faculty is the power in running a university.

The professors decide it is time to cut back on support. That means funding. The university does. The program goes down hill. Coaches hired are not as good, players do not desire to attend a school whose program is in a downward spiral, teams of lesser stature are scheduled.

The faculty is happy. Intellect over brawn has succeeded.

Everything is cyclical, however.

The economy takes a turn. A university needs money. Fewer students applying, faculty salary levels in danger. It looks to the down trodden football program. They, including the faculty, decide to reinvigorate the program. Money is thrown in. Better coaches hired. Everyone becomes aware the school is rebuilding. Good athletes begin to consider the school again.

That is where Syracuse is today and why. Now in a rebuilding posture. By University intent. The program’s success does not come over night. It is a 10-15 year effort.

A bad situation, to say the least. During my Syracuse University experiences as a sort of affluent alumnus, I became aware that the worst enemy of the sports program was the faculty. Their heads always in the clouds, their feet never on the ground.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Why are “Universities” not “for profit” institutions.? Why do they live and die on the Federal Studing Loan progrms? Why is their ANY connection to supposedly “amatuer” athletics?

    I have no problem if “schools” ate off on their own. When they are on the “dole”, problem!

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