There was a bomb threat at the Key West High School yesterday morning. The second in a month. Telephoned in again.

Authorities investigated the auditorium first. It was deemed safe. Students and faculty were immediately secured in the auditorium. Two persons were injured in the move.

No bomb was found. Classes resumed.

Some nut or nuts is having fun. Sick fun. My concern is that another type nut will enter the scene. One who will plant a bomb. One crazy encourages another.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. Then to Walgreens. A prescription pick up. Publix for a few items.

I was home by one. No TV, computer or house phone. All on Comcast. Comcast down. Did not come on till 4.

Difficult to live without TV and computer. I had some fine tuning remaining for last night’s show. Needed the computer. Could not do it till after 4. Fortunately, there was not much to do.

I wish Comcast was required to pay us for down time. Take something off our monthly bills. Comcast shows no mercy. They are difficult to do business with. Good luck in trying to talk to a human on the telephone. Impossible to complain.

Last night’s show went fine. Only one problem. My show is at 9. The President’s State of the Union address began at 9. I am sure he took more listeners from me than I him.

Watched the last half hour of the President’s State of the Union after my show concluded. You cannot take it away from Obama. He speaks well.

Hurried over to Hogfish for a quick bite around 6:30. Packed. Snowbirds again. Found a seat at the bar. Between body heat and heaters, I did not feel the cold.

My dryer died. Time for a new one. Keith picked one up for me at Sears. It sits in my garage in a box. I assume Keith will install it today. I never learned how to do these things.

The weather. It is cold. We are into our winter. A typical January. Last night really cold. Dropped to 66.

I live on open water. My bedroom faces the northwest. The wind over the ocean comes from the northwest. It is colder than the cold on the land. It seems to permeate my walls. I was freezing!

Tried an extra blanket. Not much help. Turned on the heat. Was reluctant to do so. Glad I did. Within minutes, my bedroom and body were warm.

Going to be cold today. High around 69.

Syracuse plays Boston College tonight. Syracuse should win. Boston’s record 7-8. Syracuse 10-7.

Wednesday is my friday. It is also screw off day for me. I research and write steadily friday through tuesday. It will be a Louis day all day.

I am going to schedule a manicure and pedicure. That’s being good to me!

Enjoy  your day!


4 comments on “BOMB THREAT AGAIN

  1. I hope you look over Keith’s shoulder and learn how to do this simple job. Its good to know how to do this stuff.

    obama is a good speaker. Thats a big problem because he speaks well while saying nothing. I wonder if he used his teleprompter last night. Some of his speech was right out of the series The West Wing. { I happened to like The West Wing, it was one of the best sit-com’s ever].

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