We woke this morning to news that one of the perpetrators in the Boston Marathon bombings was dead and the other still being sought. We saw on television several Massachusetts towns closed down. People ordered to stay indoors with doors locked. Police going door to door.

It all looks like a military occupation.

Has to be fearful. Has to be done however to find the culprit.

This type search a new happening for America. I recall no one like it in the past.

9/11 changed our world. The Boston Marathon bombings add to that change.

One of the communities on shut down is Newton. I know Newton. My daughter Beth used to live there. I visited Newton often. A typical American community. Quiet. Conservative. Who would ever have thought that Newton and the other towns involved would one day be under the tension and scrutiny they are today.

My back is still killing me! Last night I thought I was on the mend. This morning it is almost as bad as the first day. I just popped four Motrin.

I stayed in all day yesterday. Even missed bocce. Today, I must go out. My TV/internet show is at 10 this morning. I shall suffer through it. Forgive me if my comments are a bit harsh during the show. They will be pain motivated.

Again, my television/internet show is at 10. Available on television from Key West northward through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show can also be seen world wide on the internet. www.weyw19.com.

Join me. The show is quick moving and informative. Guaranteed you will like it.

The show is also available 24 hours a day on You Tube. Type in Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Enjoy your day!





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