The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning at 10. Available via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide on the internet.

This has been an action packed week. Topics tomorrow will include the Boston bombings, the Senate gun bill vote, Pope Francis and the nuns, Guantanamo, North Korea, an update on the Greek euro problem, Florida snail invasion, another 911 abuse, a new study regarding bras, kayak fishing in Hawaii, a $100,000 parking fine, and more.

Join me. An interesting and informative show. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

My back. Oh, my back! Still in pain this morning, though considerably less. Still bad, however. Cannot sit, stand or lie down. This morning’s blog is difficult to do. The pain takes my breath away.

I did Motrin by day yesterday. Helped. Till it wore off. Did Advil with benadryl last night. Terrific stuff! I slept like a baby. Back to Motrin this morning. It has yet to kick in.

I shall survive.

Thank you to the several who telephoned and asked if there was anything they could do. Key West IS family.

Bocce tonight. Good luck! No way I am going to make it. I cannot bend from the waist, let alone squat.

That is the end of today’s blog. I basically did nothing yesterday. Ergo, there is little to report today. Sorry.

Enjoy your day!



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