Buffalo’s Bob Saraceno is a blog friend. Yesterday he e-mailed an Andre Rieu You Tube piece. I share it with you this morning. What you are about to see and hear is emotionally moving, Enjoy it as part of the Holy Week spirit. Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, or whatever, God is God.

The singers are purportedly nuns. I am not sure. One site referred to them as the Nun’s Choir. They could be nuns. Today’s nuns are more commonly found attired in civilian clothes as they go about doing God’s work.

Sit back and take it all in! What you are about to watch and hear will make you feel good. Better perhaps than you have in a while.

One comment on “MY GIFT TO YOU

  1. WOW ! Or should I say Jesus Christ! How beautiful.. The performers were beautiful and with such talents.. The audience was also beautiful and performing.
    A beautiful site to see, thank you Lou :))

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