It’s like waiting for Santa Claus! Thanksgiving is coming! Only two days away!

Lots to do to get ready for the holiday.

Lisa bought the turkey Sunday. Brought it to my house. I who live alone have two refrigerators. The turkey is sitting in the fridge in the garage. Lisa’s refrigerator is too full to handle a frozen turkey.

Robert and Ally were all excited. They had gone to Publix with Lisa to buy the turkey. They are ready. Told me they were going to watch the Macy parade and then eat turkey, stuffings, gravy, potatoes, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. The litany flowed.

Robert and Ally will help Lisa prepare the meal. They do every year. They stand on chairs at the cupboard and cut things up, mix, etc.

Lunch yesterday was me alone at the counter at Harpoon Harry’s. Eggs benedict. I had a craving.

Walked the waterfront afterwards. Had to work some of the breakfast off. Walked by Schooner Wharf. I was surprised. Construction going on. It appears Schooner Wharf is doing a two floor addition. It will enlarge the place by at least one third.

Then it was home. Did work for friday’s TV show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Insanity does not take a break. Interesting topics already developed for the show.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available via television from two sources. Comcast Channel 87 and U- Verse Channel 19. The U-Verse connection runs through the Keys and Miami-Dade County.

The television show reaches 250,000 homes. I am impressed!

The show is available world wide via the internet. People tune in in from 30-40 different countries.

The show is 10 am my time. I spell out the 10 am each week. We live in different time zones. People have to figure out the time I am airing in their country.

I started at the Chart Room last night. Glad I stopped in. Dave, Captain Peter and Che at the bar. I spent two stimulating hours. We solved the problems of the world and problems the world is not yet aware it is going to have. Prospective thinking.

It was a quiet dinner at Outback. A prime rib. Read the newspapers.

Stephanie came over to say hello. No Don. She was there with the grandkids.

Enjoy your day!

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