Three years ago, I did a portion of my TV show on cell phone camera use involving perverts photo shooting up women’s skirts. With the advent of cell phone camera use, such shots had become a problem. Laws were passed in various states making the activity a crime.

The cases generally resulted in convictions. The cases are now reaching the highest appellate courts. The creeps are claiming a first amendment right to express themselves which involves taking such pictures. The prosecution has argued that no such first amendment right exists and a woman has a right to privacy.

The bad guys are winning and the ladies losing. The bottom line is that there is a first amendment right to take such pics. That aside, there remained a woman’s right to privacy. The courts are deciding that if the woman is neither nude nor semi nude, her right of privacy is not invaded. Cell phone photos may be taken with impunity. Ladies are admonished in a sense to wear panties to avoid an invasion of their privacy.

Would you believe?

I spoke to this issue last night on my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Post show commentary indicated a great interest and disagreement with the decisions.

Another topic that gained interest involved former generals who appear on TV talk shows. In recent weeks, there have been more than normal. Most, if not all, have indicated the ISIS problem has to be met now. ISIS is a definite danger to the US. Some even went as far as to say boots on the ground would be necessary at some point.

As I listened, I thought it is good to hear from the experts. These retired generals know what is going on. They are giving us the down and dirty.

Till I discovered that most, if not all, are on the boards or employed by military contractor corporations. Or, they work for think thanks that have been set up in past years by the military contractors. These think tanks produce for public consumption what they want the public to believe. Keep in  mind, war is good for military contractors. They make more money.

My grief with the situation is that we are not told by the media or the generals themselves that they have what appears to be a conflict of interest. That their comments might be tainted by their board/employer affiliations.

At the very least, the media should make us aware of the military contractor affiliation before the show progresses. The media does not and has not. Which has to mean the media is influenced in some fashion by the corporate military contractors. Probably because their employers/bosses are in accord with the position of increased revenue for their corporate military contractor friends.

What happened to transparency? Where is the public’s right to know?

My yesterday was quiet. Did some simple things like grocery shopping. Was to babysit at 5:30 for two hours. I was going to take Robert and Ally to dinner. At the last minute, I was not needed. I stayed for dinner with Lisa and family.

These steroids the doctor has me on are terrific! No pain and I have slept better the last two nights than in a long time. There are draw backs. I have a constant pressure headache. My ankles are swelling since the pill causes one to retain sodium. It is only a five day treatment. I can handle it.

Have to hustle. An x-ray of my back scheduled for 10:15.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Ahh, what the heck, if I forget my skivvies and someone sticks a camera up my kilt to take a picture, I wouldn’t care. I thought women of today wanted to be equal.[smiley face]

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