Tomorrow is friday. Friday means the Key West Lou Legal hour. Ten in the morning my time.

Available on television and the internet. Airs on TV on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. From Key West all the way north through Miami-Dade County. The show also airs world wide via the internet.

I prerecorded the show yesterday. Jenna and Krystal will be off friday for the holiday. That left me with neither a producer nor engineer. With all the machinery involved, no way could I do the show alone.

Yesterday was Krystal and me. Jenna had left the day before. Working alone, Krystal had double duty to do. She was involved every minute. Did a good job! Understand. I am the “star.” I just sit. I am not permitted to move.

A good show! Wished all a Merry christmas. Got into Newtown. Explained who the Westboro Baptist Church is. Talked some tea party, Egypt’s Constitution vote, anti-noise laws, and more.

Even I am going to watch the show! It will be a first.

My heart doctor visit began the morning. I am in a national medical study. Has to do with mortality and morbidity. Whatever that means. As I understand it, the study involves specifically what fish oil does with regard to heart ailments. A five year study. Hope I live that long. I do not know if I am getting the real pill or phony one.

Took a nap in the afternoon.

Played around with how to get into the blog talk radio show I am doing. Much too complicated as I last reported. Got it down now. Two simple steps. Go to Do not forget the hyphens in key west lou. Up will come the blog talk radio screen. Two fairly large sized boxes will appear. Both involving me. Click on the second box. The one giving you the date and time of the show.

That’s all

Thank you again John Gapinski.

The blog talk radio show is tuesday mornings at 7. Bright and early. Coffee time. Enjoy yours while I enjoy mine. Only one half hour. A talk show. Call in and we can chat a bit back and forth. The subject matter is current events. But since Tuesday is Christmas Day, I would enjoy receiving a Merry Christmas call or two.

I am having a typical Louis Xmas shopping time. I have done none yet.

I enjoy giving. Always have. Do not enjoy shopping, however. Not just for gifts. For things for Louis, also. Like suits, shirts and ties.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Lou! As to ” has to do with mortality and morbidity. Whatever that means.” Mortality means death as an end point and morbidity means hospitalization due to worse symptoms. I hope your pill is the real McCoy if it is efficacious.

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