The weeks move swiftly by. Just a week ago it was tuesday. Tuesday again. My blog talk radio show tonight.

I spent most of yesterday preparing. So many interesting things going on in the world! A full plate of available topics!

One or two of the following will be discussed. The Bangladesh building collapse, high cost of cancer drugs, Syria chemical issue problem. I have also discovered three rip offs that affect each of us economically. I refer to the bags of American dollars being given monthly to Karzai, the high bonus’ paid to Con Ed executives, and a committee of former congresspersons funded by U.S. dollars to study whether extra terrestrials have been here.

Some of this material will also compromise part of my friday tv/internet show.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is tonight at 9. Interesting and quick moving. One half hour. An eye opener in many respects.

Spent a couple of hours in bed later in the afternoon. My back is back! What a pain! I prepared for tonight’s show standing and sitting. I have to find that spot where there is no pain.

I needed to get cleaned up and out a bit. Went over to Hogfish for a quick dinner. Packed as usual.

I learned something new at Hogfish. They have a cocktail goodies menu. Small orders of food. from 5 to 6:30. I enjoyed chili french fries. Followed by a cup of lobster bisque. I was satisfied and happy.

Need to hurry this morning. I have an early appointment at the hospital. Another heart test. One always seems to lead to another.

Enjoy your day!




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