Key West City leaders fail to walk the walk. Talk alone is cheap.

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice: “Our leaders love to ‘talk the talk’ about affordable housing, public transportation, even women’s rights, but they refuse to ‘walk the walk.'”

I agree!

It was mug shot in Georgia for Trump yesterday. People say “sad.” I say “good.” His picture belongs in the files of a less than desirable place like a jail. His nature and character qualify him to be so recorded for all time.

Query: Who pays for all the black limousines and motorcycle cops who took Trump from the airport to the police station and back to the airport? Tax dollars, I assume. How much did it cost yesterday?

He played and the people pay.

Beware! COVID on the rise. A Kentucky district canceled classes due to COVID and flu. Two weeks into the new school year, attendance had dropped 81 percent.

Kenneth Chesebro thought he was calling DA Fani Willis’ bluff in Georgia. when he demanded a speedy trial. She quickly responded with a 10/23 trial date. Such really called Chesebro’s bluff.

Chesebro has become known known as the “mastermind/architect” behind Trump’s electoral scheme.

Legal experts think Chesbro made a mistake. The Washington “genius” thought he was dealing with a backwoods woodchuck in Willis. He may find out how wrong he was. Chesebro is rolling the dice on a “risky gamble.”

Paris was liberated after 4 years of Nazi occupation this day in 1944.

I consider Harry Truman to have been one of America’s greatest Presidents. Raised a farmer, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army artillery during World War I, a failed retailer, and a successful local Missouri politician who achieved Presidential status…..He is to be respected. He proved his worth in the judgments he made to drop the A-bombs on Japan and to defend Korea.

Truman’s valued judgment came to the forefront again on this day in 1950 when in anticipation of a crippling railroad strike, he issued an executive order placing the railroads under control of the U.S. Army.

He had balls!

Key West still remembers and loves the man. While President, he made 11 trips covering 175 days to Key West. He walked, enjoyed the locals, swam and worked while here. He will never be forgotten.

A Maui mother found her 14 year old son dead clutching his dog who was dead also. The horror of all this!

Christianity continues to be in trouble. On an accelerating basis. Especially evident when the words of Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount are mistaken for “liberal talking points” by believers. Their thought process having come under the control of politicians.

Another pleasant evening last night. The Thai bar with Steve Thompson. 

Cindy and Ellen came in from boating with their friends. One looked familiar, though I was not sure who she was. She recognized me. It was Amy Culver. When I first arrived in Key West 30 years ago, she owned Mangoes. It was nice to renew an old acquaintance.

Enjoy your day!


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