Magellan sailed around the world hundreds of years ago in a boat constructed of wood.

A 75 foot replica of the ship Magellan sailed broke its rudder near Cudjoe Key. The Coast Guard came to the rescue. Minimal repairs were made. The ship is now docked at the Outer Mile Pole for further repairs.

How did Magellan make it without a Coast Guard? What did he do if and when a rudder broke? Did any repair facilities exist in the parts of the new world he explored?

You must admit. Quite a feat Magellan accomplished!

I finally got out yesterday!

Lunched at Geiger Key. Sat at the bar. Enjoyed looking at the people and view. In between sightings, read the newspaper.

Dinner was at Roostica. The last time there, I noticed the ladies at an adjoining table consuming an antipasto. The ladies and the antipasto both looked good! I ordered the antipasto last night. I suggest you order it the next time you are at Roostica. Beautiful to look at. Tasty to eat. Much too large for one person.  I took more than half of it home.

The Keys History section in this morning’s Key West Citizen contained an interesting note. Fifty years ago this March, total house sales for the month were $1,638,250. Today, many of the larger homes sell for that amount and more.

I am on my soap box again. Two short comments.

History does repeat itself. Many fail to recall. George Santayana said it best: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The Supreme Court decision this week triggered much discussion re the financing of political campaigns. There is a simple solution. Have the government finance campaigns and limit the time for campaigns. It bothers me that the wealthy are able to exert so much influence in a campaign. Additionally, limit campaigning in a Presidential race to two months. We now are into a two year cycle for Presidential campaigns. Too much!

My book! My book! My book! Available for purchase on and The World Upside Down.

The Cow Bridge Race at noon today. My enthusiasm is waning. It is not the distance. It is the parking. I will probably have to walk a mile each way from where I park and return. Too much!

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “HOW DID MAGELLAN DO IT?

  1. The total amount of a campaign donation did not change in this hearing.

    Of the large campaign donators, 62% donate to the democratic party.

    All the talking heads from the lame-stream media are complaining about the Koch brothers with not one mention of George Soros and his ilk.

    • No matter what party, money calls the shots as a realistic politician knows full well. The system is rigged, has been rigged and will always be rigged to favor the elite. The best we can do is grab on to their coat tails to get our slice. That is the reality of it, plain and simple. One can grab onto whatever “belief” or “ideals” they wish but it makes no difference. “Lame-stream media” as in FOX (hard right) or MSNBC (hard left) all the same smoke and mirrors, making t sound like real discourse is going on (nope, an illusion). Don’t get caught like a deer in their dumb down headlights.

  2. And now we just find out that with all harry reid’s complaining, he takes money from the Koch brothers ! Why the brothers would donate to him is beyond me, but…..

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