There’s going to be a wild time in the Chart Room tonight! It is Charlotte’s birthday! She is enjoying her birthday here in Key West with her friend Skip. Skip of 104.9 radio.

Happy birthday Charlotte! Love you!

The food poisoning stayed with me most of yesterday. I never left the house. Towards the evening, I seemed better. This morning I am.

The big event for me were the Academy Awards last night. I am a true fan. I have loved the show for years.

One problem was keeping awake for the whole show. I was dozing on and off. Frankly, I am interested in the major awards. They are the ones that excite me. I was asleep for  Best Actress. Woke. Fell asleep again for Best Actor. I was awake for Best Picture.

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. In between flights of sickness yesterday, I worked on the show. I will be discussing some interesting topics. One involves the new-Nazi party in Ukraine. They are on the side of the good guys. The people the U.S. is supporting. Already to the tune of more than $5 billion.

My problem with the scenario is twofold. Why are we giving money to a group that is committed not only to purging Communists and Russians, but also members of the Jewish community? Another problem is why have we not heard about the neo-Nazi party involvement and the U.S.’s support? A transparency problem here. It appears the government and media have decided to keep the knowledge away from us.

Another interesting Ukraine situation I will be discussing involves the banks. Certain Ukrainian banks are limiting depositor withdrawals to $100 a day. It has happened elsewhere. As I continue to say, it could happen here.

The show can be heard at www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


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