Many nations world wide are feeling the coronavirus plague. Most still in tough shape. In varying degrees. The U.S. one of the worst. Greece on the other hand is coming through this disaster in relatively good shape.

Numbers first. Numbers an effective way of telling the story. I acknowledge the U.S. is larger citizen wise than Greece. Considerably. Never the less, the contrast is revealing.

As of this morning, the U.S. has 1,270,000 confirmed cases, deaths 75,000 plus. Greece, 2,663 confirmed cases, 147 dead.

Theo Markis and Jim Brown are 2 Greek friends. I have commented about them in the past. I mentioned 2 weeks ago how both were shocked that people in the U.S. were going into the streets protesting stay-at-home rules, etc. They thought those doing so in the U.S. were crazy. Lives were at stake!

Yesterday, I came across a photo on the internet. Showed 3 Greeks at a table in a restaurant. Table rectangular. The 3 seated awkwardly. Obviously paying attention to the 6 foot rule still in effect.

A police officer was measuring the distance between them with a tape measure.

That is how serious Greece is about the virus!

The Greek government and people were up front with each other and in unison from the beginning. The government told the people what to do. They did it.

The level of commitment and action were without deviation. Everyone wanted to live. They conducted themselves in such fashion that demonstrated an awareness of the severity of the problem.

The people understood from day one that what they had to do was not a drill, not a time to give up, nor a time for excuses. It was time to pull out all stops in the fight to defeat the virus.

Success in Greece’s instance can also be measured in another fashion. Acropolis and Parthenon. Too bad it is not possible for all to see Athen’s Acropolis hill.

The ruins sitting on top say it all. History preserved to this day.

Many climb the hill daily. Primarily tourists. Greece as part of its attack on the virus, closed Acropolis, Parthenon, etc. on March 13.

I am pleased to share that Acropolis and the magnificence still standing on top will reopen to visitors May 18. A mere 9 week shut down.

Why, because the government  and people of Greece took the bull by the horns and did the necessary. Something we in the U.S. do not always do. It is the nature of our laws and the way we have been brought up.

We are like children. How many have to die before we learn we cannot have it our way all the time?

A better President from day one would have helped also.

I mentioned sewage testing a few days ago as a method to determine levels and locations of coronavirus. Could be a help to the U.S. since we are not testing effectively.

I have since learned the Netherlands is successfully following cononavirus via the sewage method.

Pakistan has been successfully using sewage testing for a different problem. To monitor the polio virus. To identify hot spots for attacks.

I used to think Pence was smarter than Trump. Though screwy from a religious perspective.

Pence it turns out either lies as Trump or has Trump’s mental deficiencies or both. Two weeks ago, Pence said, “By Memorial Day Weekend we will largely have this coronavirus behind us.”

This past week, Pence said disbanding of the Task Force was possible because of  “the tremendous progress we’ve made” against the virus.

How? In less than 2 months, we have seen more Americans die than in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan,  and Iraq Wars combined.

Nicholas Kristof in a recent Opinion Piece in the New York Times wrote, “The virus is winning.”

A UN official recently said, “None one is safe until everybody’s safe.”

True. The virus spreads everywhere. Knows no boundaries. The nations of the world must join together in fighting it.

More than 80 nations afflicted with coronavirus joined together last week via the internet to discuss working together and raising money for the projected effort. Just under $8 billion was pledged.

Trump failed to participate nor would he give permission to anyone to represent him.

Birds of a feather. Putin did not participate nor have anyone represent Russia. Russia is getting killed big time at the moment by the virus.

Russia is reluctant to share their number of dead.

Recently, 3 Russian doctors involved with the virus fell out of windows. Two died, one injured. Foul play is suspected. One thought is that the government was sending a message to people working with the coronavirus problem: Speak not of Russia’s failure!

Some Key West.

Understand first that I share little information about Key West because there is nothing to report. Key West has been under a strict shut down. Began opening monday a bit. Nothing news worthy at the moment, except for the Duval Loop Bus.

Another problem is I am not out on the road evenings as previously. Today is my 57th one in self quarantine. Eight weeks! Can you imagine! I envision at least 1 more month. Perhaps 2.

I am not complaining.

However being home all the time makes it difficult to see if anything is going on. Even the Chart Room remains closed.

This morning’s Citizen reported the Duval Loop Bus will no longer be free. It has been since its opening 3 years ago. Effective immediately, a charge of $1. Except for residents who will still be able to ride free.

The reason for the charge is the lack of tourist revenue during the virus crisis has left the City with insufficient monies. It’s revenue from any source time.

Gluttony is part of Key West’s life. All areas blamed. Public as well as private. My fear is Key West is going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Prices the past several years for everything have gone through the roof. Even tourists will only take so much.

The City Commission I suspect recognizes this $1 charge might not be a smart move. Recall that it was a straw that broke the camel’s back. The Commission agreed to look at the matter again in 6 months.

May Johnson. Her diary clearly indicates life was different in 1896. Socialization was primarily visiting people. Going from house to house.

La Brisa at the end of Simonton Street was a place the upper class frequented to dance and party. It was not for the poor.

On this day it appears May was better. She had been sick in bed for 2 weeks with the “chills.” She dressed, though did not go to work.

She did go to La Brisa in the evening where she “had a very pleasant time.”

Cocktails at 7 scheduled for last night cancelled. Seven o’clock my time in Key West is 4 in the afternoon in Seattle. Cathy had to work late.

We are rescheduled for 7 tonight.

She asked what my booze situation was. Nothing. I have not been out of the house. I will drink Diet Pepsi while you imbibe. No problem.

One hour later a knock on my door. She had ordered a quart of Beefeaters and it was being delivered.

Nice lady!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Here in Illinois our governor gives an almost daily update on the state of Illinois re: shutdown, supplies, what’s happening with all of that and what to expect. As a consequence we have a much larger number of happy campers. Sure, there are some crackpots, but for the most part people are calm and getting along. Leadership does make a difference and this guy Pritzger is really pretty good.

  2. Your drinking sounds like a high school kid. Sure you can buy your own booze. Didnt you say one time you were advised by your doctor not to drink? Gross up and be responsible.

    • This isn’t necessarily the opinion of the rest of us Lou. Do what you want. On the other hand you could get an azzault rifle, some scruffy clothes, you already have the beard, right?) and use this as an accuse and go protest someplace.

  3. Thought I would check in after a few years of not reading this blog. I miss Key West.

    I see the blog is now “Key West Lou — My Life Spent Hating Trump” and not much else. I checked back on posts before the pandemic to see if that caused this change. It didn’t.

    Anyone have a link to a real Key West life blog? I can read Trump-hating news on most of the news media websites.

    • Thanks for your reply to LOU’S blog, even if you are NOTHING but a phony troll.

      Here’s an idea for you one way or another – Don’t come back if you don’t like what Lou writes on HIS blog.

      Oh, you won’t be missed by the rest of us either, QUACK!

      P.S. Don’t bother reading the news on most of the news media website either, at least until you come to grips with reality, this is not “Trump-hating” news, it is just accurate reporting of what’s going on!

    • Try good daily content there. Oh, Ron… why are you commenting on LOU’s blog? This isn’t your blog Ron. Stop commenting on LOU’s blog Ron.

      • Because Lou likes ME and said go ahead, without me even having to brown nose him when I’m in town, buy him drinks at the chart room or go up islands with him for dinner. and yeah, michael at Conch Scooter does write a good blog too. Try harazzing him, why don’t you! Let’s see where your Bull Sh*t gets you there!

        • Ron, you’re so full of hate. So much anger. Maybe you should seek a therapist. There’s online therapy sessions available at places like e-therapy and betterhelp. I pray you find some healing.

          • No you don’t and you use the word “Hate” without any understanding of it’s meaning as a word. It is just something your handler tells you to use when you correspond with liberals. Hate is actually the feeling YOU have when YOU think of the Chinese, Puerto Ricians, Democrats, Liberals and Jews.

            Comprehension has never been your strong suit.

  4. Yesterday i shared info on my niece and the death of my brother in law to covid. Nothing but liberal and leftist hate on this site. Not one kind word. It used to be about key west, but it has turned into a hateful bitter site. I always tried to be fact based, but responses were always the same “troll” . You guys enjoy yourselves. Lou, be well and I hope you also stop hating so much! I Wish you many more years of good health! Adios – scaup

    • You and your Bull Sh*t posts on Lou’s blog are infamous, so is your gall. I have been reading Lou’s blog for at least as long as Lou has been doing it and it’s ALWAYS been political and far more than just about Key West, you know that and now you want to cry crocodile tears? More hate and outright lies have been spewed from your posts than even a priest ever hears in the confessional.

      Good riddance I say, although I doubt your word on that as well you Quack!

  5. This is why I have to take a break from Lou’s blog once in awhile. I like his comments about Key West happenings, and his other stuff about Greece and Italy. But the constant negative drumbeat about Trump gets tiresome. And then there are those like “Ron” who make such vile and hateful attacks on others who post here. Disagreement is fine. I love disagreement that is argued civilly and politely. That’s not what you find here. I’ll try again in a few days.

    • Total Troll nonsense, just trying to start arguments, we can all see that now! snowflake. You can dish it out by cry like a baby when you’re exposed, eh scaup puppy!

  6. “As of this morning, the U.S. has 1,270,000 confirmed cases, deaths 75,000 plus. Greece, 2,663 confirmed cases, 147 dead.”

    Interesting, the USA has a much higher percentage of cases than Greece based on each countries population. However, the deaths- factored against the number of cases for each country share a a much closer percentage.

  7. “This morning’s Citizen reported the Duval Loop Bus will no longer be free. It has been since its opening 3 years ago. Effective immediately, a charge of $1. Except for residents who will still be able to ride free.”

    Where is the wisdom? Keep juicing until there is no more fruit.

  8. “The City Commission I suspect recognizes this $1 charge might not be a smart move. Recall that it was a straw that broke the camel’s back. The Commission agreed to look at the matter again in 6 months.

    What are they going to do in six months, perform an analysis to determine if tourism to KW ebbed because they charge $1 for local bus service? It won’t but these little changes will not go unnoticed either. Frankly they would have been better off with a 10 cent per room/day service tax. It would fly under the radar, would be more lucrative and less in your face than this.

  9. It is my observation that those buses would still be empty, apart maybe from tourists, if the city of Key West actually PAID people a dollar to use them.

  10. Lou, sounds to me like you have a pretty good friend with this Cathy in Seattle. Who needs to be out and about, with friends like that?

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