A trip back to a popular TV series in the 1970’s: Welcome Back, Kotter.

Remember? Assuming you were born and had a few years added on.

Kotter was a middle aged school teacher who returned to his scrappy Brooklyn neighborhood to teach remedial students at his former high school.

He found things different.

The show was originally labeled Kotter. A song was written involving the show. Its title: Welcome Back. The song became a pop hit in May 1976. The number one song in America.

The TV show was renamed Welcome Back, Kotter.

A fun show. One laugh after another.

The students were humorous hoods off the street. Kotter had to deal with them.

John Travolta one of the stars. He played Vinnie Barbarino. A black leather man. Good with the ladies. Knew everything. The leader of the pack.

Interesting to note John Travolta never graduated from high school.

The participants had sayings they uttered every show. Travolta’s was “What, what?” Arnold Horshack’s “Oooh, oooh, oooh.” Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington “Hi therre.”

Kotter the teacher. His full show name Gary Kotter. His famous bit “Up your nose with a rubber hose.”

T-shirts became big sellers because of the show’s popularity. Uncle Sam and King Kong. The students were known as Sweathogs. T-shirts with their picture, the label Sweathogs and Off My Case Toilet Face.


The show a good one. Made people laugh.

The Chinese announced the result of a recent clinical study. Small, yet soon to be expanded.

The study revealed that coronavirus was found in the semen of some men afflicted with the virus. If correct, sex can result in the transmission of the disease.

Not surprising. Coronavirus can be found in stool and certain body fluids.

I take 11 different pills a day. Some twice a day. My totally daily intake 19.

They must work. I’m still here.

One is a blood thinner.

Blood thinners show promise for boosting survival chances in the sickest coronavirus patients.

The Michael Flynn saga continues. Five years already.

Attorney General Barr’s directing Justice to move to have his plea withdrawn and the charges dismissed a perversion of Justice. Reflects the exercise of favoritism at the highest levels of government.

The motion is not automatic. The Judge must decide if the relief sought will be permitted.

Judge Sullivan has shown streaks of toughness at various phases. If I were Judge Sullivan, I would deny the motion and appoint a Special Prosecutor. One outside government at this time. A leading attorney. Let him get to the bottom of why this gross miscarriage of justice is being attempted.

Recall Watergate. The break in desperadoes would have gotten away with it if Judge Sirica had not smelled a rat. Something did stink in Denmark. Sirica dug for it.

All paid. Including Nixon and his closest cohorts. Note that it was Sirica who ordered Nixon to turn over the tapes.

Trump keeps seeking to destroy the Justice department and the FBI which is a part of it. His lack of respect for our system of law must stop. His followers cease and desist.

Over Trump’s 3.5 years in office, he has wracked and wrenched the offices of Justice so that many people believe there is corruption within. An absolute falsity, except of those like Barr who have done Trump’s bidding.

A society cannot survive if there is no respect for law. The law must apply to everyone, regardless of position. Otherwise there will be rumblings. Tie them in with all other faults developed by Trump and revolution is possible.

Things have gotten way out of hand.

Everything Trump touches, he contaminates. Disrupts. Destroys.

Take Saudi Arabia for example. Trump’s friend. Or, was.

The Saudis pissed Trump off about something. Trump retaliated. Using the power of America’s shale oil, he caused Saudi Arabia’s oil to drop in price dramatically.

The Saudis have threatened to retaliate. They may. The country is teetering. The Princes could fall.

U.S. military have been stationed in Saudi Arabia for years to protect the Saudis from an Iranian invasion. Trump has or is removing U.S. forces. Everyone and everything.

U.S. troops home, the Patriot anti-missile system home, 2 U.S. jet fighter squadrons home. All that remains will be U.S. Naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

Recall Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia soon after his election. He was treated like royalty. The Saudis sucked up to him good. He did not even understand what was happening.

Trump pulls out U.S. troops for something that most recently upset him. Thus leaving the Middle East more vulnerable to war than ever in recent years.

David Beasley, Director of the UN World Food Program, announced tuesday that famines of “biblical proportions” could occur within months. He said, “The world is on the brink of a hunger pandemic crisis.”

I had an opportunity to review some present day photos on the internet yesterday of the Key West of today. Ain’t nobody on the streets. The town deserted. As if some strange disease swept the community and no one survived.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

The great man was born this day in 1884 in Lamar, Missouri.

Poor Alice Reid Griffin. She was Key West’s leading Madam in the 1930’s and into the early 1940’s. Her houses of ill repute famous and well attended.

The authorities were always closing her down. The Navy pushing the local gendarmes. The Navy thought sex with a prostitute unhealthy.

Alice always came back. She would open somewhere else.

However all things at some point must come to an end. Nature’s way. On this day in 1941, Alice was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison for violation of the Mann Act. Prohibited white slavery. Alice had transported a woman from Atlanta to work for her in Key West.

She was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison.

It was Cocktails at 7 last night. Third time. Cathy in Seattle and Louis in Key West. We Skyped for a couple of hours, had a drink or 2, and enjoyed.

Enjoy your day!


18 comments on “WELCOME BACK, KOTTER

  1. The Chinese seem to be revealing more about the Covid 19 virus than we are here in America. They revealed the genome sequence (DNA) back in February and now the stuff about semen. Are we doing anything, apart from suppressing all data? If they, or the Germans do actually develop a vaccine, do we expect them to share it with us, after all the ugly and completely unnecessary badmouthing we do about them?

  2. Lou, Do you remember 9-11. Well were did the fly boys com from–were did the money to run the day—Saudi Arabia.
    Now there is only one country the USA does not have to keep an eye on – The USA. BUT in the USA there are groups we do have to watch. Hope you cough statements of the spy master Clapper behind closed doors and in public–180 deg. apart.
    One the truth and one the lye.

  3. Doctors are now reporting that they are now seeing a big increase of Long Term Organ damage in Covid-19 survivors.

      • Get a life, it’s true: USA Today, sciencenews.org, medscape.com, NPR, advisory.com, bioworld.com, sciencemagazine.com, miamihearld.com, businessinsider, sciencetimes.com, nymagazine.com, painnewsnetwork.org, hopkinsmedicine.org, healthline.com, medpagetoday, scientificamerican.com, and many, many, more….

        …but NOT on FOX News or any of the more typical right wing publications or scare sheets !

        • Wow, dying of Covid 19 might NOT be the only bad part. Living could be worse if you do get it! I wonder how this issue should impact people’s thinking?

  4. Trump is still trying to destroy Obama’s reputation, blames him for not leaving Trump tests for a disease that didn’t even exist back then.

      • Comprehension fool? Obama has nothing to do with Flynn. You never get things right, do you? Always stirring the pot, even when you can’t construct the metaphors.

        Flynn will never be free from the stench, no matter where he goes or what he does, precisely because how he has been freed.

  5. Lou, it is hard for me to respect the value of the law when it is so flagrantly ignored and abused by our president and his justice department. I think this will not bode well for America’s future.

    • It is not just the law, but the contempt for the constitution as well. Isn’t this the same people who are always so sanctimonious claiming to be the only protectors of the constitution?

  6. Former Obama administration defense official Evelyn Farkas testified under oath that she lied during an MSNBC interview when she claimed to have evidence of alleged collusion. Farkas, a Democrat, is currently running for Congress in New York’s 17th district. Just an other faker from NY– like Sand Feet the troll.

  7. Isn’t true Sandy just another FOX News/Blase misinformation mouthed by your willingness to lie about anything you want to THINK is true. Your willingness to make a fool of yourself is outstanding.

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