An insanity is overtaking us. A perversion. The belief that some must die to bring the economy back. The thought that money is more important than life itself.

Trump acknowledges some lives may be lost in the push to “reopen.” He says it is “possible.” Knowing full well such is the game plan.

I have always respected Chris Christie. In spite of his being a Republican. A tough over weight guy whose primary thought was to help people. I must have been blind when I had those thoughts. No more. The eyes are open and can see!

Christie ws being interviewed. He said the economy must come back now! “Now” expressive in tone.

He compared coronavirus to World War I and World War II. People died in both wars to save the country.

The country requires saving again.  Coronavirus similar to the wars in that regard. His position to the effect that if 3,000 people a day had to die, so be it.

Pure insanity!

America has become a leaderless nation adrift in a crisis.

The Task Force. Trump advises it soon will be yesterday’s news. Its value gone. To be replaced by an economic task force.

The economy is not going to return till Covid-19 is gone. Controlled by a vaccine or some other means.

Sick and dying people cannot work. Many will initially return to work. Because everyone is out and about, the virus will spread. Rapidly. Coronavirus moves like a meteor. When such occurs, who will be available to work?

The “immediate cure all” will fizzle.

Trump should show respect for activities which are intended to return our Nation to health. Like wearing a mask and keep 6 feet between yourself and another.

Trump appeared yesterday at a Honeywell plant in Arizona. A plant where face masks are being produced big time. Trump neither wore a mask not respected the distance separation rule.

The President failed to do that which the medical experts tell us must be done as part of the effort to deter coronavirus.

He shows no respect for his own Guideline, for himself, nor the people he governs. No wonder there are those violently opposed to such restrictions.

One of the comments to yesterday’s blog was from a man who said in effect I did not understand. People have to work. They need money to support themselves and their families.

My response a simple one. Go to work! Live the new reopen society to the fullest. If and when you get conoravirus, you will be sick. And with the way the numbers are moving, may die.

Then I ask who is going to take care of your wife and children? They will be in far worse shape for many years without the pay check and guidance of their husband and Dad. Think of it, your children growing up without a father. Your wife working harder than she does now to put food on the table.

You have value. You are needed for the long haul. Your family cannot afford to lose you.

Peter Wehner wrote an interesting article re Trump’s present mental capacity. You may want to read it. The title: “The President Is Unraveling…..The country is witnessing the steady, uninterrupted intellectual and psychological decomposition of Donald Trump.”

Trump tweeted tuesday he MIGHT give federal coronavirus aid to States IF they comply with his political demands (emphasis mine). Aid would be conditioned on those States eliminating sanctuary cities, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes.

The first 2 items will affect/hurt the poor and less affluent. The third a give away to his rich friends. The poor do not worry about capital gains taxes.

Things getting tougher by the day. Due to the meat shortage, Wendy’s announced that some of its restaurants would take burgers off the menu effective today.

An interesting comment in the Citizens’ Voice portion of today’s Key West Citizen: “Should we bemoan the desegregation of Bahama Village or celebrate the diversity?”

Poor May Johnson. On yesterday’s date in 1896, she was still ill. Appeared to be getting better. Wrote an interesting comment. I ask where did Dr. Fech come from?

May wrote she dressed, but laid on the bed all day. She thought about Dr. Fech. Had she accepted his proposal of marriage, it would have been her wedding day. She had rejected his proposal. She wrote the day passed serenely never the less.

Cocktails at 7 tonight!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Your blog today is excellent Lou, it speaks truth to power, not that they will listen.

    We do need to try and get things moving again with the economy, but we need to do it properly. Some of that we are already doing. MANY people are successfully working from home and MANY restaurants are successfully surviving by alternate means, like delivery. What we cannot expect is to return to normal without sacrificing tens of thousands of people. We have to better +adapt to a new reality.

    One way is to help provide for employee safety. Trump ordered the IRS back to work, with no provisions for their safety, even face masks.

    Our government cannot provide enough tests for the entire Senate, yet we can ship tests to Russia?

    Everyone who comes in contact with Trump is first tested. How many would that have been on his campaign trip to Arizona yesterday? Yet we can’t test senators?

  2. You are over looking one thing. We will all die at some time. Maybe it will be to much Fentanyl from RED China,
    or a bomb from a out of the sky , or a drunk driver, or to much rich red meat you are going to die. Will you give up all things which will kill you? And Hemingway lived in this Town? Was Jesus afraid to die for you? Are you afraid the government has spent to much money on fighting this bug and we can not pay the bill? A hurricane is coming better leave now but then a the bug is out their for me. More folks die from bike accidents in this Town than the bug.

    • Frequent troll and pest who usually posts frivolous and misleading content for the sole purpose of starting fights, then complains that no one will take him seriously.

        • Don’t concern yourself with that poster Sandy. It is a troll who posts automatic, canned response, every time you post. The funny thing is this same troll, accuses me and others of being Sandy. They can’t stand the idea that more than one person holds a differing viewpoint than theirs.

  3. To Lou I would say in response……my hypothetical out-of-work family man would face a .000014 % chance of dying from the virus if he went back to work (current statistics). By remaining in quarantine without income he faces a 100% prospect of poverty and misery for his family. Which would you choose?

    • Wow, tell that to the meat packing workers who suffered en mazz. Me thinks you dismiss this issue as if it was a hoax and nothing to worry about. Hope your mom isn’t in a nursing home, or your daughter isn’t an intensive care worker.

      BTW – what was the chance of survival in Nazi Germany during the holocaust years?

      What was the rate of survival in Hiroshima during WW II

      • Gee, I don’t know. What was the survival rate of Christians in the Roman Colosseum? And how are your questions relevant?

        I don’t dismiss the issue at att. It’s only going to get worse. As more and more people disregard the orders of their civil authorities (which they will), and more citizens go to jail because of it (which they will), then we are closer and closer to civil unrest not seen since the 60’s. Governments at all levels had better find a compromise soon. Very soon.

        • It might, by comparison, go a long way in showing how absurd your denial of the caronavirus potential problem extends.

    • Statistically “No One” you are not a jerk, or really a very very small jerk. Reading your posts however shows how unimportant that statistic really is.

  4. My dear Lou,

    I know you may not agree with much of this, but consider:

    1. People have come to realize that self-quarantine (AKA flattening the curve) doesn’t mean fewer people will get COVID-19. It only means it will take longer for the multitudes to all get it.

    2. People realize there will be no immunity (unless they get the virus) until there is a vaccine… sometime next year. Yes, there are some pie in the sky wishes, but the reality is… next year.

    3. People are not willing to stay home and self-isolate until next year. They are ready to “rip off the band-aid” and get it over with.

    Yes, people will die, and that’s a tragedy. But the same number will die away unless everyone stays home until there’s a vaccine.

    Kokomo Man

  5. CooCoomo man, I am really surprised with you, having read so many of your posts over the years, I would have thought you would have a better grip and understanding of this than you apparently do. You claim to have been a military man, but you post more like a crackpot with no strategy or plan.

    This is not an issue of either total quarantine OR total NO quarantine. It is an issue of doing things the right way.

    Most experts say that it will be more like three years before we are free from this problem and then ONLY if we don’t screw this up. They are also saying that there is no guarantee that you develop immunity if you do get the virus.

    Experts also say that there is a tipping point scenario that after which, everybody dies, azzuming we don’t do something and do it right.

    If we can figure out how to handle this the best possible way, we might be able to reverse the problem, or at least slow things in a way that allows us to treat those who do get the virus, instead of HAVING to ignore them apart from shoveling them in a ditch.

    The issues shouldn’t be to open the floodgates and accept the irreversible downward spiral, but to think this through and develop a reasonable strategy to handle the problem.

    • So… are you suggesting that we stay in our houses for three years? Or are you suggesting only one year? How about only another six more months?

      I’m not talking about the economy here. Trump is worried about the economy and his re-election. I’m thinking about the people and how long they can stay home.

      Sure, you can slow it down. But the fact is, everyone will be vulnerable to the virus until there is an effective vaccine for everyone… a long time from now.

      My point is; without a vaccine, the same total number of people will get sick, and the same total number will die. We’re only talking about how long it will take for it to happen.

      Or… should everybody stay home for the next year or so there is a vaccine?

      • You are absolutely right, without a vaccine, we will always be at risk, but let me ask your same silly question in a little different way. ready?

        So… are you suggesting that we ignore all risk for three years? Or are you suggesting only one year? How about only another six more months?

        MY point is; even without a vaccine, we must do something so that the same total number of people will not get sick, and same fewer die. Because if we don’t, we may reach a tipping point where just there will be no way to care for those that do get sick and more people will die from that, than the virus itself

        We’re not ONLY talking about how long it will take for it to happen. we’re talking how to get through how ever long it takes

        Or… should everybody stay home for the next year or so there is a vaccine? There won’t be a vaccine in a year, but there could be better ways to treat the disease or cope with it.

        We need to listen to the experts not you or me, but them. If that means we need sacrifice for a week or a month or a year , then we’d better listen to that and other advise, rather than have YOU or me or Lou, decide what is best.

        • You missed my point and did not answer any of my questions. So, I’ll rephrase in simpler words with only one question.

          My Point: Experts (not including Trump) know by now, there are no “magic bullets” to fix this. Until there is an effective vaccine, the same number of people will get sick and the same number will die. The same experts (still not including Trump) are saying you can’t just wish for some snake oil to come along as a “better way to treat it.” It just isn’t going to happen in short order. It’s time we face reality. (I guess that’s multiple points, huh.)

          My question: Since the “experts” (never Trump) are saying it will be a year or more for a vaccine, should people self-quarantine until there is a vaccine no matter how long that takes?

          • I think Kokoman has it right. The virus will continue to spread until a vaccine is developed, even if the infection rate is flattened. Another possibility is herd immunity, but the medical community doesn’t seem to have much confidence in that scenario.

            As for “ripping the bandage off”, I agree with that, too. There is a limit to how long people can be kept away from working, social mingling, shopping, dining and travel. But there is danger in believing the worst is over. That’s what happened in the spring of 1918 when the first wave of the Spanish flu had swept through. People relaxed and let their guard down. The second wave in Oct thru Dec 2018 killed more than 600 thousand Americans.

            • My parents were born in 1911 and 1914 and never spoke of the Spanish Flu, but spoke often and with no joy of the Great Depression and life in NYC.

          • No points missed and your questions were answered. As far as your new non question, who knows how long we have to quarantine. I say let the experts tell us what we can safely do and what we can’t do without serious consequences. What I do know is that we don’t know if there is a limit to how long people can be kept away from working, social mingling, shopping, dining and travel if they think it will cost them their lives. Your parents and my parents got through world war two with tremendous hardships and that was over 5 years of sacrifices. Serious food rationing, fuel rationing, blackout evenings, major reductions in all kinds of foods and services, say nothing of the separation of people, some permanent. Sure a lot of people were inconvenienced and complained, but they got through it for the better good of the country and the world.

            You want to define quarantine as a total lock up, something we aren’t doing even now, because why? Perhaps you feel that sounds scary. and makes your point better. How about a quarantine that allows working smart with reasonable protections in the work place. How about shopping in stores with a limited number of participants, how about we stop with this BS about all or nothing and find a way to ease total restrictions, which we aren’t doing even now, that make sense and still allow some reasonable interaction. You don’t have to make washing your hands regularly an azzault on free speech. Let’s stop insulting each other with all my my way or I’ll shoot you, situations.

            • That is an intelligent, well thought out answer. So let me ask you a few questions.

              What if someone has been out of work since March and now has no money. By no money, I mean, can’t even buy food or gasoline. (It goes without saying they can’t pay rent or utilities.) They are a 57-year-old “gig worker” (entertainer) with no income. Florida has yet to pay a penny to any “gig workers.” Oh yeah, they live at mile-marker 19, and with no gasoline, they can’t make it to one of the soup kitchens in Key West… or to the food pantry on Stock Island.

              So, here are the questions. What are they to do to even eat? Is there someone delivering? Is there anyone giving rides for such things? How will they pay the thousands of dollars of bills piling up?

              Just asking for a friend

              • You want the republican/libertarian answer? “too bad, have your kids help you out, the government is not an safety net” Or if you want the democrat/answer – “give your local representative a call, maybe we can find some local food pantry or perhaps other help.”

  6. Please please please , eliminate all cars! This will stop all car related traffic fatalities. This will save about 30,000-40,000 lives every year. We need to do this now!

    • Get real and stop playing stupid troll games, we’ve just had more than double the deaths of a years worth of automobile accidents in just a two month period, with something that grows exponentially.

  7. Stanford School of Medicine Professor Michael Levitt a Nobel prize structural biologist has shown that Regardless of shutdowns or no shutdowns, “after about two weeks, this virus does not continue exponentially . Some kind of break kicks in and the growth starts slowing. The curve actually becomes sub-exponential “.
    Don’t take my word for it, look him up!

    • Here is the link to his article. The numbers are contrary to the continued exponential growth as originally presented by the Imperial College which was used to wrongly shut down economies worldwide. Ok, shut it down temporarily to flatten the curve, but it’s time to OPEN and establish Herd Immunity. We may never have a vaccine!

    • I did look him up. Very interesting. Everyone should Google him. At least it’s food for thought.

      Kokomo Man

      P.S. I have way too much time on my hands these days.

      • Michael Levitt is not an epidemiologist. He’s Professor of Structural Biology at the Stanford School of Medicine, and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for “the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems.

        Let’s hope his numbers pan out.

        • Sounds more like Physical Chem to me. The old entropy and enthalpy. And we knows who wins– low molecular motion–dead.

    • Even MORE reason to wait “two more weeks” before opening up!

      The experts all along have said, we NEED to wait at least until until the upward curve flattens out, before opening up.

      Right now that curve has not flattened out with most states still peaking. This is why red flags are flying that we need to NOT open right now.

      This is what level heads including Lou, are trying to say but the nuckleheads, including those in the White House and on this blog, seem to think they know better!

  8. Here is the link to his article. The numbers are contrary to the continued exponential growth as originally presented by the Imperial College which was used to wrongly shut down economies worldwide. Ok, shut it down temporarily to flatten the curve, but it’s time to OPEN and establish Herd Immunity. We may never have a vaccine!

    • Duval County (Jville) reported 20 total Covid deaths all-time as of today. I’ll check back in 3 more weeks. And if this number explodes I’ll gladly put my tail between my legs and tell everyone to stay home forever..,‘s where you idiots think we belong.

      • None of us “idiots” as you like to call us, are suggesting, let alone telling everybody, as you like to exaggerate, that we should stay home forever. Stop lying to make your points Sandy

    • You know damn well where they are – in the morgue (or stacked up in the shed at some retirement home)!

      And before you start calling other people retarded, Sandy, please remember that Florida has announced that it has as of April 29th ordered corners to STOP releasing coronavirus death records after the last go around when the coroner reports totaled significantly more than the state reported. However even with that, the official records released yesterday were a new one-day record.

      Better you should just keep your mouth shut @sshole!

      • I wouldn’t believe anything official out of Florida, ask Lou about our Guv. Everybody here considers him inept, corrupt and one of Trumps bitches.

  9. An expert virologist who worked under Anthony Fauci before being jailed and placed on a 5-year gag order is speaking out in a pair of viral interviews. Did Trump do it?

    • Sandy Feet, you are COMPLETELY wrong again, Dr. Judy Mikovits, was a former researcher at the NCI and did NOT work with Fauci. Most of her work has been widely discredited and far to lengthy to lest here.

      The point is, this information is widely reported, you either did NOT bother to even glance at the record or you once AGAIN dileberately posted false information on Lou’s blog to make a point that does NOT exist.

      When will you stop with this constant garbage?

  10. There it is, Trump says that we must be “warriors”, war, there will be blood and acceptable losses to keep the ball rolling.


  11. Sandy Feet is a self admitted serial troll and pest who frequently uses proven faleehoods and is no stranger to distortions and outright lies, just to get Lou’s readers all riled up. it’s how he gets his jollies.

    He also posts under several different names and non names in an effort to bolster his BS.

    There are days like today when Sandy just keeps posting garbage all day long. He desperately wants attention and approval.

    Word is even the Proud Boys website has barred him from posting there.

  12. My 40 year old niece just got over covid after 40plus days. (About 3 weeks plus 2 weeks quarantine). She is fully recovered. My point, old and vulnerable stay in quarantine. Young and healthy! Go out and live! We need herd immunity!!!!!

    • Herd immunity is widely disputed by experts and has been from the beginning.

      “Go out and live” is a dangerous recommendation.

      Young and even infants are getting the virus too, and in large numbers.

      This poster seems to have more of a political agenda than telling the truth.

  13. I’d be willing to share my nieces covid experience (and at a later time the covid circumstances around the death of my 59 year old brother in law 3 weeks ago). Is there any specific information you would like to know about my nieces covid situation?
    And no, my herd immunity comments are not political in nature. There is a real possibility of no vaccine for quite some time if ever. We have to reopen! Scaup

  14. Would just like to know, briefly, the significant conditions experienced by your niece in the order they occurred and how long they lasted.

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