A considerable amount of my time is spent researching. For everything I do. KONK Life column, blog talk radio show, the daily blog, and for the books in process I am writing. I enjoy/love doing it!

Permit me to briefly share what goes into the weekly KONK Life column as an example.

First, I need a topic. A subject to explore. I search for the generally unknown. Also for one that appeals to me personally. When a topic crystallizes, I search the internet for further information.

The unfortunate thing is that after I give the topic the internet run, it turns out not to be as I thought. So it is back to searching for a topic again.

I am supposed to have the column into KONK Life by wednesday each week for publication the following wednesday. It is thursday this week and I do not have a column yet. It could take me through sunday. The two items I thought had appeal fell apart upon research. I am still looking. I fear not. Something always comes up. Like a bolt out of the blue!

A good chunk of my yesterday was spent researching.

The only break was a walk once again at Home Depot.

Last night was Don’s Place. I stopped in around six. Don, David and John at the bar. I sat with them. The chatting continued for more than two hours. First with all three. Then we lost David. John followed soon thereafter. It was Don and me till Larry showed up. The three of us finished the evening..

A good time out. Pleasant company. Many things discussed. One of course was bocce. We play tonight. Our team has started with a bang. We are 8-1. The team we play tonight is 9-0. The opposition is a good team. Better than us. We have had experience with them. They beat us the last two times we played.

It will be an interesting evening.

Syracuse plays its final game of the season saturday. Against North Carolina State. Both teams are 18-12. Should be a good game.

Have to hustle. A haircut appointment with Lori this morning.

Enjoy your day!



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