People want to know! They should know! Where their government is wasting taxpayer dollars.

I decided to talk a bit each week on my TV/internet show about tax dollar waste. Provide a few examples.

Yesterday was the first day of this new portion of the show. Besides the story I enjoy repeating about the U.S. Senate’s private barbershop which loses $500,000 a year, I threw in three other juicy morsels. One had to do with the House of Representatives approving a $2.6 million study to determine how to teach Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job. A winner!

The House is the outfit that recently voted to cut $40 billion from the food stamp program.

Feed back following the show indicated the waste examples garnered the most interest. Easy to understand.

The Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. I enjoy her company. Even more, her popcorn. The best!

Chatted with Peter and Sheila. Sheila will be off to the Mexico/Cancun area wednesday for a few days. Good for her!

Sean and Katherine came in. They have been traveling frequently of late. I told Sean enjoy it. When the first baby comes, it is all over! He laughed.

Met an interesting couple. Ian and Kaylin from Scotland. Actually, the Island of Erin. It is off the west coast of Scotland. Ian is a builder and his wife works with him in the office.

Scotland. He must play golf, I thought. I was wrong. Ian does not play golf, even though there are seven golf courses on his island.

Ian, Kaylin, and their family have visited Key West often over the years. They are Key Westers at heart.

I sat a while in the Pier House lobby. Reading the newspapers. A comfortable setting. I have done it several times lately.

The next stop was Don’s Place. Bocce partner Frankie was there. He looks good. You will recall he had a couple of heavy heart surgeries several months ago. Died on the table during one of them. He just returned from three weeks in Mexico. The trip did him good. He looked like the Frankie of old.

Chatted with two of the guys from the team we beat thursday night. Good people. We agreed the water soaked clay decided the match, not talent. It was throw the ball and hope it gets somewhere near the polina. In some instances, three feet was a victory. We were luckier than they were. They drank more Polish brandy than we did, also. A contributing factor to our victory. A planned one. Hershel deserves the credit. It was his idea.

Decided on Outback for dinner. No room at the inn. Including the bar. I figured at least a 1/2 hour wait. Not my cup of tea. Instead walked down to the Chinese restaurant nearby. A mistake.

I enjoy Chinese food on occasion. I ordered the wrong dish. I wanted orange chicken. I got screwed up and ordered lemon chicken. A disaster!

Lemon chicken consisted of thin slices of white meat buried in fat. The final product resembled small pancakes. A similar color, also.

Awful! I ate half the meal before giving up. The lemon chicken did not give up. I was uncomfortable till 4 this morning.

I am interested in seeing the new movie Gravity which opened this weekend. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Sandra is an astronaut who breaks way from the outside of her ship or something while fixing it in outer space. The story is about her floating around and what experiences she had. The big question being did she survive. The movie is in 3D. Has to be terrific! The reviews all say it is a winner.

Saturday evening is not the right time to go to the movies. Too many kids. I am going to shot for tomorrow night. Probably will invite Jenna to join me.

Syracuse/Clemson this afternoon at 3:30. On ABC or NBC. Hope the game is aired here in Key West.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Lou watch out for that lemon chicken 🙂
    Just now returned from the Gravity movie in 3D. Best picture in ages, don’t miss it..

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