I have reached the age where I realize how little I know. A very recent discovery was drilling holes in bocce courts to enable the rain water to run out.

It was around 2 yesterday afternoon. It had been raining heavy since sun up. The bocce courts had to be flooded. I got a call at 1 that the water was up to the top on each court.

The sun was very hot after it stopped raining. Perhaps we might play, I thought. I drove over to the courts at 6.

No water to be seen anywhere! We were going to play. How, I asked. The courts were flooded 5 hours ago.

The City of Key West apparently now has a drill to remove the water.

Bocce courts are made of clay. Clay is hard. It does not absorb water easily. Beneath the clay, lies a bed of stones. The drill was used to make several holes on each court through the clay and into the stones. The water drained down and out.

One problem remained. The clay was still wet. A bit heavier than wet sand. Such meant the courts would be slow. They were.

The bocce ball had to be thrown three times as hard to reach the polina. Skill was out the window. Luck played a great part.

We won all the three games! We were very lucky, indeed!

It was a money match. Hershel brought a bottle of Polish brandy. Our opponents were known to enjoy shots. Hershel liquored them up. Whether it had an effect on the outcome, I cannot be sure.

I had one shot. Too sweet for me. It affected me in the middle of the night. I woke at 2 with a splitting headache. It took me till 7 to get rid of it. I attribute it to the brandy and not the gin I consumed.

Spent yesterday afternoon fine tuning this morning’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I did the show this morning. This blog is being written after the show.

I spent a lot of time on the government shut down. I did a segment on cause and effect. The long range causes which led to the shut down. Things like two wars, American businesses moving overseas, permitting banks to become too big to fail or prosecute, etc. Nothing just happens. It is a series of events over a long period of time which have lead to today’s problems.

May Deasy works as bookkeeper at the TV station. A nice person. I have known her for years. She served me with a new cup for my coffee at the station this morning. Mary had a cup made with the station’s logo and Lou’s Legal Hour printed on it. Thank you, Mary!

Tomorrow, Syracuse/Clemson. I hope! What more can I say?

Every few years a less than adequate Syracuse team beats a top 10 school. I recall some 25 years ago. I used to attend every Syracuse home football game. That particular Saturday, I could not. I was sitting in Mount Carmel Church in Utica at a family wedding. The game was  going on during the ceremony.

Many people had small radios pressed to their ears. I was one of them. Go Syracuse!

Syracuse beat Nebraska that day. Nebraska was ranked #1 in the nation.

It has been a long week. A lot of reading and writing. In addition, the Polish brandy last night. I am tired.

I am going to spend this afternoon in bed watching golf. The Presidents Cup.

Enjoy your day!


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