In my 30 years of living in and visiting Key West, I have never seen rain like we are experiencing. Especially this time of the year. May is normally a dry month. People talk about needing rain.

It poured again yesterday. All day! Heavy!

Streets are flooding that never flooded before. Amazing!

The Comcast saga continues. Repair man due yesterday between 1 and 3. Got a call at 2. Three to four hours behind. Will come tomorrow (today).

I have been without TV since thursday.

Visited Dr. Jones late afternoon. Received my various test results. No cancer. Do have a problem, however. Cleveland Clinic next for consultation. Surgery probable in due course.

I am ok. Mentally in tune with what is occurring.

Aqua after Dr. Jones. Dueling Bartenders. Tom Luna and Rick Dery. Guest performer the lovely Laura Richardson. Laura the owner of Salt Gallery.

Met Laura’s parents. Both retired corporate attorneys. Key West residents. Enjoyed my conversation with her father. Her mom seated too far away for any meaningful conversation.

Rick Dery a director, also. He has directed Pride Follies for several years. This year’s show is June 2 at 8 in the evening at the Key West Theater.

Always a winner!

Word on the street is Bank of America on Southard closing. I have not been able to verify the information. If so, the building would make an excellent dance facility. I have always thought downtown Key West needed a place where everyone regardless of age could get out there and do their thing.

Zombies in southern Florida! Reported by a power outage alert sunday in Lake Worth. The outage affected 7,880 residents.

The “alert” reported power was lost “due to extreme zombie activity.” Obviously a bogus report. Or was it? Actual cause remains unknown.

My podcast tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Interesting topics. My opinions shared. Though not necessarily the same as those who are tuned in.

The show’s audience gets larger each week. I love it! My advertisers love it!

Join me for a fast moving half hour.

Pope Francis a breath of fresh air in the world of Catholicism. Two weeks ago, he said in speaking to a gay man: “God made you like this and loves you like this and I don’t care.”

The second time Francis has spoken in acceptance of homosexuality. A man of courage and conviction. The Bible tells us homosexuality is a sin.

Trump makes me laugh. He does not accept Venezuela’s election results. Phony, a sham. Earlier had threatened invasion. Now has fallen back to severe sanctions.

There are many tyrants elected in phony elections world wide. Putin, for example. Trump should threaten him and all other tyrants with invasion and/or severe sanctions.

Why pick and choose. Go after everyone.

The Trump administration continues on a fast track to dismantle Obama signature policies. Could Obama have been that wrong? Or is there another reason?

I suspect it may be because Obama is a person of color and Trump a racist. Or, it could be because Obama made fun of Trump at a White House Correspondents Dinner. When slighted, Trump has the memory of an elephant.

The Trump/Kim summit almost blew up. Trump may have saved it. John Bolton appears to have been the cause.

Bolton is crazy. A neo-con. A war hawk big time. Scares me.

In preliminary talks with North Korea, Bolton told the other side the U.S. supported a Libya Solution. Gaddafi was convinced to give up his nuclear program. Several years later, Gaddafi was found hiding in a sewer pipe, captured, tried and executed.

The North Koreans are not fools.

Some have suggested that Bolton’s meeting with his North Korean counterparts was an amateur hour.

The recent U.S./China trade talks another example of amateur hour play on the part of those representing the U.S. Nothing resolved. Problems kicked down the road.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mulchin should be sent back to Wall Street. He is neither qualified to be Treasury Secretary nor engaged in trade talks on behalf of the U.S.

Yesterday, Trump described Congressman Devin Nunes as “a very courageous man.” For pushing the DOJ and FBI for the name of an informant.

Recall Nunes’ support of Trump since day one. Running to the White House to report something that had happened in his Committee. More recently, having the House Intelligence Committee, which he Chairs, issue a majority report saying in effect no Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

I consider Nunes a stooge for Trump, an informant of sorts. He has forgotten his Congressional responsibilities in sucking up to the President.

An Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday causes me great concern. Note it was authored by Brigadier General Ronen Manelis of Israel’s Defense Forces.

The Jerusalem opening of the U.S. Embassy last week proved a disaster. At least initially. Now, I am not sure.

It was reported many Palestinians were protesting at the fence. On the Gaza side and unarmed. Israeli forces unloaded on them. Missiles, small fire, etc. Sixty two killed. Eight of them children. Two thousand seven hundred injured.

The world, including me, dumped on Israel.

Now it appears things may not have been as they appeared. Further investigation is required.

The Opinion claims the protest was funded by Hamas as a terrorist propaganda operation. Hamas provided free transportation to innocent citizens to the border, including women and children. These people were hired in effect as extras: $14 per person, $100 per family, and $500 if anyone was injured.

What is truth? The world should know.

Enjoy your day!





  1. It wasn’t only The Opinion that stated Hamas was at the root of that conflict. There are other agencies that don’t make up fake news and have been reporting such from the start.

  2. “When a car is sent to the United States from China, there is a Tariff to be paid of 2 1/2%. When a car is sent to China from the United States, there is a Tariff to be paid of 25%. Does that sound like free or fair trade. No, it sounds like STUPID TRADE – going on for years!” – President Donald Trump, April 8, 2018

    China announced Tuesday (today) it will slash tariffs on imported cars. China’s Finance Ministry said auto tariffs will be reduced from 25% to “around 13.8%,” and levies on car parts will come down from 10% to 6%.

    In a joint statement released Saturday, the United States and China announced that a “consensus” was reached to “substantially reduce” the $370 billion trade imbalance between the two economic superpowers.

    • But even American don’t want American cars. They want trucks. And aside from that little Chevrolet, please name a Chinese car you can see on American roads. China could eliminate import tariffs on all American cars and trucks and what person in China is goin to want to buy a $35K truck to drive around on Beijing streets?

  3. Trade imbalance ? The Trump haters will refuse to give the man any credit and insist this was started by the Obama admin.

    • Hey Patrick, you are the only one talking about Obama anymore. Well, you and Fox News. It seems to me that Trump is not getting any undue criticism. Besides, Obama at least took his criticisms like a man. Not the crybaby you are so blindly in love with, regardless of what he does. Oink!

      • Nope, not true at all. So typical. Fox news does report and show video of the fake news agencies discrediting Trump with claims that his successes were actually started by Obama.
        As I’ve said from the start, I was not a Trump fan. I’m still an anyone but Hillary fan. Regardless of what some wish to believe, Trump is our President and I’m willing to see what he does and give him credit when he deserves it.

        • you are the one who always tries to lecture everyone else about hate, but your openly hateful obsession for Hillary Clinton is just one more example of your relentless and agorant hypocrisy. like a schoolyard bully you will say anything to get attention.

          • I, for one, absolutely love Hillary… in an orange jumpsuit! The Chairman Mao get-ups she wears are way too 1950’s commie chic.

          • Linda, there is one thing you have finally got right. Yep, I can’t stand Hillary or her husband ! I worked a function of hers, what a witch. I can’t stand the sight of her and have never said differently. I probably hate her more than you hate Trump. I spent a lot of school days taking out the bullies, can’t stand a bully. I’m not interested in attention, just the facts. Thats just something liberals tend to lack.

  4. “Trump makes me laugh. He does not accept Venezuela’s election results. Phony, a sham.” – KW Lou

    Sounds a lot like you crybaby libs losing 2016

    • Some loss, with 3 million more votes going to HRC.
      The rest is just the result of a “rigged system” as Trump liked to say.

          • Aye mate, may not be any way to say anything if YOU’RE wrong! Trump has been solidly wrong on just about everything, so far hasn’t he? The only think he has going for him seems to be those who stick to him, regardless, people like you.

  5. Well, the problem is that he has not been wrong about everything. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong, simple as that. Time will tell.

  6. you really are a bully patrick. i have done a lot of profiling work for law enforcement and lately worked with several local school districts and know what i am talking about on this subject. denying it is often used as a defense mechanism but does not fool anyone. furthermore your problem with hillary seems to be part and parcel of that same issue and your use of character smears, jumps out as the most telling and obvious symptom. you may claim to not like other bullies, but that is a typical self serving territorial reaction which only helps you rationalize those mean outburst even you know are uncalled for. you have all the clinical signs and probably have been called a bully many, many years. if you were an honest person, you would admit it and get help. most bullies however, are not really honest people, at least to themselves. vey few bullies ever relent, usually instead thriving on ever increasing denial, which is of course a mechanism, not a virtue. lou threw you some underserved cover a while back, under the mistaken belief he was gaining rightwing insights. what he really did washable a bully with personal and mostly just myopic, self satisfying motives. you are a true bully patrick. man up and do something about it. if you think you are somehow making a difference with your mean and disruptive garbage, think a gain, most normal people can see right through you.

  7. You know what Linda, That is a nice paragraph you just wrote. It simply shows your true identity.

    You were a profiler with some police agency and school district ? You admit to profiling.

    What would you want me to do about it ? Like bend over and let those with a differing opinion [ to keep this polite] stick it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Those with different opinions need to keep them coming to counter those of folks like you. If thats bullying to you, so be it. Not wanting any differing opinions is part of what is wrong with this country today, liberals have become Wilson era progressives.

    • Don’t be a silly goose. A bully needn’t be left wing OR right wing nor even political in any way. Nor does it have anything to do with your opinions. It is how you express yourself and how you treat other people. Stop twisting reality to suit your OWN narrative.

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