Several years ago, a new type sales store appeared on Duval Street. A cosmetic shop. Sold all kinds of goodies to enhance a woman’s facial features.

Soon there were more such shops.

Each engaged in overcharging. Significantly. Unknown to the purchaser. A $300 purchase showing up on a customer’s credit card billing as $3,000 for example.

The police did not consider the problem criminal. The ripped off customer was left to suing the store directly. A long tedious process uncertain of success.

A handful of Key West citizens decided to do something about it. A vigilante committee of sorts.

The group organized the Rip-Off Rapid Response Team. They fought the cosmetic shops not with guns. Rather with signs and picketing. The signs reflecting the fraud involved.

The group almost immediately became successful. The cosmetic merchants did not want a bunch of vocal crazies (from their perspective) spoiling business.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has a front page story and photo of the group in action.

One of the cosmetic stores had overcharged/ripped off a 54 year old Vermont visitor to the tune of $9,752. It took sign carrying picketers 1 1/2 hours to get the store to capitulate. The cosmetic store reimbursed the ripped off man the $9,752.

Congratulations to the do gooders!

I have a concern, however. What continually happens in these situations is fraud. Clear and simple. Why do the police not deal with the problem?

Key West’s finest are the finest. I think our police force does an excellent job. However in this regard, they fail the public they serve.

My understanding is the police consider the rip-off a civil matter. Not a criminal one. Ergo, the defrauded person has to resort to civil remedies.

I don’t buy it. It’s like passing the buck, I don’t want to get involved.

A similar situation existed with the former Scrub Club on Duval. Men would go in understanding a “massage” was $300. When the credit card bill was received, it was $3,000. The police refused to get involved. Considered the wrongdoing a civil matter.

Comcast. A pain the ass! Finally got a repairman. Took five days.

Learned something I did not know. The repair people do not work for Comcast. Comcast contracts out the repair work. To a Tennessee company. The company maintains 7 repair men in the Key West area.

From what I could determine, the repair people are overloaded. My repair man showed up around 6 last night. Was due between 1 and 3.

Spent yesterday afternoon preparing for my podcast show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Then the show at 9.

I have become sick and tired of Trump, Trump, Trump, in the news. All around us. Last night I did a show 95 percent non-
Trump. A change of pace. There are other things happening in the world we should be aware of, think about, discuss.

A point to be made with most of the topics. Of course, I made the point in each instance.

The show is archived. You can listen to it at any time at your convenience. You might especially enjoy listening to last night’s show. www.blogtalkradio/key-west-lou.

This week’s KONK Life on the stands. My column Right To Declare War. Congress’ right Constitutionally. However one that the Presidency has usurped since the Korean War. Interesting reading.

Pythons a dramatic problem in south Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Pythons sexually inclined. Now number in excess of one million. Most centered in the Everglades.

They can never be eliminated, eradicated. Too many. Hopefully, contained.

The State of Florida is always declaring war on the pythons. Last year, the State authorized 25 hunters to catch and kill them. A joke! Since March 2017, the 25 have caught 1,000 so far.

Like a drop of water in the ocean or adding a grain of sand to a beach.

Dentist appointment at 11:30. I think the endoscopy procedure might have screwed up an implant.

Enjoy your day!


  1. “Key West’s finest are the finest. I think our police force does an excellent job”

    The family of Charles Eimer will feel differently.

    “I have become sick and tired of Trump, Trump, Trump, in the news. All around us….”

    So true

    “Enjoy your day”

    Finally clear weather!

  2. Trump wins when and if no one complains. All bully’s pray you give up complaining. Ask Harvey Weinstein’s subjects. Don’t ever give up on Trump, he’s praying you will. He’s expecting you will, It always has for him on the past.

  3. Where are we headed by now intimidating and officially requiring people to respond to the National Anthem in a certain way?

    • Not true. Players (who are EMPLOYEES) can stay in locker room if offended by flag and national anthem.

      Nobody is requiring them to stand and show respect. But they will be required to follow their employer’s rules, or pay a fine. So if they want to disrespect our flag, go ahead, they can afford the fine. That is also a choice they can make.

  4. If they continue on their disrespectful course, then the NFL can go broke from lack of fans and then the former employees can disrespect the flag from the unemployment line.

    Do you work for someone? Do they have rules you have to follow or a detailed job description? This isn’t rocket science.

  5. We have been coming to Key West for 7 years. We love it here and keep extending our stay. I have to say one of my pet peeves are those cosmetic store fronts enticing folks inside and then ripping them off. Of course you can move on and not engage, but why would Key West want to have the image of con artists on every few blocks trying to trick the tourists coming to their city. I think it must start with the mayor stating this is an
    unacceptable practice and then employing the police department in shutting this folks down.

    Hope to meet you next November Lou when we come down. When we traveled down from Indiana last year a bartender in Atlanta said make sure you find the Chart Room…you’ll love it. So enjoy your blog. Best wishes. Patty

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