I went to Smathers Beach yesterday morning. Not to sun or swim. To attend the plaque dedication in Diana Nyad’s honor. A good sized crowd present.

Last year, Diana swam from Cuba to Key West. Without the aid of a shark cage! The swim itself a  first ever feat. She did it at age 64. Another feat.

A plaque was dedicated honoring her and the event. In addition to the plaque, Diana was made an honorary Conch. A bigger tribute than the plaque!

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for a fast moving interesting half hour. Nine my time.

Topics tonight include the question why the U.S. bombed Somalia over the weekend instead of Syria, a police officer who believed he did not have to follow the Constitution in making arrests because he claimed Obama was not following it, personal data of thousands of Homeland Security personnel hacked, an exploration of whether the U.S. is becoming a third world country, U.S. Tripoli abandoned embassy pool being used by jihadist militants for fun and pleasure, Monsanto and American justice, Russia/China gas line construction  begins, Berlin trying to build one church to house 3 religions: Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Plus more.

It was mid sunday afternoon yesterday. What to do? Decided to take Robert and Ally to No Name Pub for a late lunch. They love the place! They were not home. At the beach.

Decided to go alone. I had visions of a Philly cheese steak sandwich. They make the best!

It was the car top down and my baseball cap on backwards.

I enjoyed the sandwich. Sat at the bar. Chatted with people around me. A typical Florida Keys time in a back woods bar.

Bad sleeping night! My back started up again. Could not get comfortable. Caused me to place too much strain on the injured shoulder when I turned.

Enjoy your day!

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