Trump sounds the drums of war. Bombs Syria and Afghanistan. Threatens North Korea with…..Everything is on the table!

Trump, Secretary of Defense Mathis and Press Secretary Spicer announce a carrier fleet is on its way to North Korea waters. Video is shown on TV of the USS Hornet and other ships steaming for North Korea.

A mistake big time! The Hornet fleet was 3,000 miles away and traveling in the opposite direction. On its way to the Indian Ocean for scheduled joint exercises with Australia.

Who the hell is running the shop? Who knows what is going on? If not the President and Secretary of Defense, who?

Who will be scared next when the cry to arms, to arms, the Yankees are coming, is heard?

Suppose North Korea had bombed Seoul in anticipation of the Hornet carrier fleet arriving?

Spent yesterday afternoon fine tuning last night’s podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. One of my better shows. Initial four segments devoted to China.

An early dinner at Roostica.

Harlem Suarez, the Key West beach bomber, was sentenced yesterday in Federal Court. Life in prison. Suarez had planned to bury a backpack nail bomb at Smathers Beach.

A proper result. Many people would have been on the beach at the time the bomb blew. Possibly even Lisa and the grandkids.

Ozitec out. MosquitoMate in.

Yesterday killing ZIKA and dengue carrying mosquitoes began. On Stock Island.

Process referred to as Wolbachia mosquitoes. The male is infected with a bacterium that will screw up their semen. When the male mates with the female mosquito, the resulting eggs do not hatch.

It is claimed this process has been utilized for years, is safe, and works.

We shall see.

Big day in American history! The American Revolution began this day in 1775. The first shots at Lexington.

I reported yesterday re the Doolittle raid on April 18, 1942. Eighty American warriors bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities. Their 16 bombers took off from a carrier 650 miles from the Japanese coast.

Of the 80 who participated in the raid, only one remains alive. Former Lt. Richard E. Cole. He is 101 years old. Cole was Doolittle’s co-pilot.

No question China is our number 1 competitor in every regard today.

China is significantly more populous than the U.S. As with all other countries.

Fourteen percent of the world’s population speak Mandarin Chinese. Only 5.5 percent speak English.

The John Calhoun College name change at Yale University eats at me. The student body forced it on central administration. African-Americans and their supporters at Yale and elsewhere want anyone connected with slavery to no longer be honored/revered.

Four Presidents were slave owners. A reflection of wealth in their times. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Andrew Jackson.

Punish one, punish all. One example, Washington. Takes his name off Washington DC, picture off the dollar bill, and rename the Washington Bridge in New York City. As to Jefferson, take down the magnificent statue honoring him in Washington.

As to Jackson, remove all things honoring him. Jackson is Trump’s hero. I would love to see Jackson’s reaction.

Enjoy your day!


  1. There were actually many more Presidents [ well over a dozen] that owned slaves while in office including several that owned slaves while not in office.

    The difference between the mosquito companies products was discussed previously. It appears the remote possibility of bacteria transmission to humans from one companies skeeters appears to far scarier to some folks than the bacteria being injected into every mosquito from the other company.

    Its beginning to be quite evident that anything our current President does or tries to do will be wrong to some.

    I’m not going to get into the Yale thing, other than to says its Yale, so what does one expect.

  2. “Who the hell is running the shop? Who knows what is going on? If not the President and Secretary of Defense, who?”

    Maybe Bannon? Who knows, apparently nobody in DC has a clue.

  3. For the USS Hornet to steam anywhere would be a nautical miracle. She was decommissioned in 1970 and is presently a museum ship in Alameda, CA

  4. For the USS Hornet to steam anywhere would be a nautical miracle. She was decommissioned in 1970 and is presently a museum ship in Alameda, CA
    end quote

    hahahha. I like that.

    • I picked up the Hornet from an early news release or two. Ran with it. At some point picked up it was the Vinson. Another news screw up was that the Vinson and another carrier were moving towards the Hornet to join up with it.

      I am not the only one who errs.

  5. Trump shoots from the lip most of the time but in this case, it could have been planned. If you would have asked the Pentagon what the mission was for the Vinson group, (before they even left the U.S.), they would have been able to tell you that North Korea was the ultimate destination.

    Trump letting NK know that an armada was coming may have caught them off guard or worried them enough not to shoot any more missles…no matter when the Vinson actually arrived.

    As far as us not being prepared, without the Vinson group actually being there….well, after 65 years of preparation I am guessing the U.S. has plans to overwhelmingly defeat NK, with or without the visiblity of the Vinson being off shore. We don’t know how many submarines are in the area and other top secret capabilities we have. But I am guessing we are prepared.

    I like that Trump doesn’t telegraph our every move way ahead of time.

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