Good morning world! It is a lovely morning here in Key West. Sun bright. Sky blue. Water moving gently along.

Yesterday’s internet show appears to have been well received. I love doing the show and love even more knowing so many people watch it.

The topic generating the most response was the one concerning the black couple who had their Church’s door closed to them. The couple attended the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi. Their wedding was scheduled for July 21. Arrangements made with the Pastor. Invitations sent out. The day before the wedding the Pastor tells them they cannot be married in the First Baptist Church. The predominately white congregation did not want a black couple married in the Church. If the Pastor did marry them, the congregation would fire him.

The Pastor lacked balls and did as directed by his congregation.

Would you believe it? In this day and age!

We are still fighting the Civil War 150 years later.

I enjoyed a lazy friday afernoon. Chatted a bit with Donna and Terri. Took a long nap.

Last night it was out on the town with David and Jimmy.

We met by prearrangement at Don’s Place.

Jimmy surprised me. Jimmy paints for a living. Houses and the like. He is always covered with paint. His face, hands and clothing. I had never seen him otherwise. Until last night. Jimmy cleaned up for our evening. I almost did not recognize him. Not a spot of paint anywhere.

We had a couple of drinks at Don’s Place. Michael was there. Long time since we had seen each other. He was a star on our bocce team until a couple of years ago when he stopped playing.

It was the Chart Room after Don’s Place.

A good crowd. Except for Emily and Sheila, all tourists. Sheila joined us. We had a good time.

At some point we left Sheila and the Chart Room. Took the short walk to the Wine Galley. We planned on having dinner there while enjoying Larry Smith.

We did.

Larry is an old friend to all of us. Amongst other things, he plays bocce in the thursday night league with the three of us.

The food was excellent. The company equally good.

Kathleen Peace was in the Wine Galley. She is one of the big bosses at the Pier House. I have not seen Kathleen in ages. She looked absolutely terrific. We exchanged a hug and kiss.

Then back to Don’s Place for a night cap. Kurt bartending.

At the other end of the bar was a couple I had never seen before. Kurt was chatting with them. He called me over.

They were Emanuela and Giampaolo from Rome, Italy. In Key West for a week’s vacation.

The two appeared to be in their late 20s and early 30s. Emanuuela was lovely. Extremely. She spoke English very well. Giampaolo was relatively quiet. I suspect his English was not good. I know the feeling having just returned from my two month trip to Europe. Sometimes you just have to sit quietly and smile because you do not understand what is being said.

Emanuela is a science teacher. Giampaolo an enviromental attorney. I felt bad he and I could not communicate better. My specialty in practice was enviromental law, also.

Emanuela and Giampaolo are staying at Banyan Bay. I hope they continue to enjoy Key West. I would like to run into them again before they leave.

I think I imbibed a bit too much last night. My temples are pounding this morning.

Enjoy your day!


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