The Keynoter reported this morning a crocodile was discovered in a canal behind a Marathon home. Georgiana Hosek’s home. Georgiana was attempting to launch her kayak off a ramp into the canal. Surprise! The crocodile! The kayak will remain unused till the croc moves on or is removed.

Crocodiles are rare in the Florida keys. Wildlife experts belief that the crocodile might have layed eggs near the ramp. They are investigating the situation.

The crocodile is 6 feet 7 inches long.

I did a little research into crocodiles after reading the Keynoter article. Came across Nile crocodiles.

Nile crocodiles have healthy appetites. For humans! Very dangerous to our species. Florida never worried about  Nile crocodiles till the past year. The reason simple. The Nile crocodile was native to Africa. Florida is not a Nile crocodile habitat.

Recently three Nile crocodiles have been observed in Florida.

For once the government acted properly and immediately. The Nile croc is an endangered species. As such cannot be killed. The federal government decided better the Nile crocodiles die rather than humans. In August of last year, the federal authorities issued a shoot to kill order. Highly unusual. Evidences the concern the government has regarding this predator.

I suspect Florida and the federal government are worried that the Nile crocodile will become a problem similar to the python one.

I did my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. An informative half hour.

Yesterday in and of itself was an interesting day. It was reported there will be a Senate vote thursday on some phase of the gun bill. Then there was the Texas community college stabbings.

I additionally had time to chat a bit about the drug company game which screws purchasers and a recent example of why we do not want Sharia law in the United States.

The half hour went by fast.

Today is April 10. My father would have been 99 today. He died last year at 98. Happy birthday Dad, where ever you are!

Which brings up my grandfather. My dad’s father. Grandfather Louis died at the age of 94. May I be so lucky!

I wrote about Annette Funicello yesterday. A former Mouseketeer and 1960s movie star. She was originally from my home town Utica. Several people have contacted me since the blog was published yesterday to tell me my grandfather and Annette’s were best friends/pals. I never knew. They arrived in Utica from the old country at the same time.

Key West weather continues to be summer like. I can feel the humidity as I write this blog. It feels good. Not too heavy yet.

Enjoy your day!

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