Small towns have the best holiday events!

Last night was Bayview Park for Key West’s annual Christmas tree lighting. A beautiful tree. A beautiful event. The tree first class.

Santa Claus was there, also. An impressive one. Looked good. Handled the kids well.

A huge crowd. A couple of hundred at least. Family time.

The last Christmas tree lighting I saw was 35 years ago. Rockefeller Center. I was in New York City on business. The lighting impressive also. A different flavor.

My small town position is reflected also  by my summer experiences on Cape Cod. I spent several summers in Chatham. The elbow. Generally there during July 4th. The Fourth of July parade was warm and exciting. For some reason, felt more personal than the bigger parades in larger cities that I had viewed over the years.

Key West has another top Christmas event this week. The Boat Parade. Saturday night. An experience to watch. Even better if you are fortunate to be on one of the boats.

Speaking of Christmas, I will be discussing on my blog talk radio show tonight the shopping mall that recently charged $35 for a child to see Santa Claus. Money crazy gluttons!

Other topics include a long overdue GMO update, U.S. bombing of ISIS, wealthy Arab states refusing to take in Syrian refugees, Russians willing to take only middle class refugees, the Paris Climate Summit, baby found in a Church manger, prostitution labeled free fun, some Eiffel Tower info, and more.

Join me. Nine this evening my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Started yesterday with the anti-gravity treadmill. Love it! Then to the Marriott Beachside lobby. Sat a while reading the morning papers. Ran into Ray. He is in charge of security at the Marriott. A terrific electric guitar entertainer, he will be playing at Don’s birthday party next week. Publix next. Needed food badly.

Syracuse’s basketball team ranked this week. Those two wins against ranked teams last week did it. Syracuse is the only team in the country to have beaten two ranked teams. Additionally, many of the ranked teams got beat. Syracuse is 6-0.

From nothing to something. Syracuse ranked 14th in the AP poll, 19th in the Coaches poll, and 13th in the CBS poll.

Wednesday night Wisconsin.

The decision re Boeheim’s appeal expected today.

I mentioned Pelican Poop yesterday. Closed after 21 years. Patrick commented with a piece of Key West lore unknown to me. A new Ford  had been ordered for Hemingway. Delivery was several days late. The Ford dealership was located in the same place most recently occupied by Pelican Poop.

Trump bothering me. Voltaire said “…..those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Enjoy your day!


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