I had an early dinner last night at Roostica. The evening was a bit cool. The inside of the restaurant was warm from the ovens. As soon as I walked in, I could smell it. That distinct aroma of Italian cooking.

The smell at Roostica was comforting. Nostalgic. It took me back

When I was young, wednesday and sunday were pasta days. Except back then, we called pasta macaroni. On those two days, the smell from the cooking permeated every room. The sauce did it. No question, an Italian home.

I recalled the first time I entered my Key West home. It was for sale and I went to look at it. As soon as I entered the front door, I could smell it. I told the broker…..This is an Italian home. I was correct. The wife had made sauce the night before.

At Peter’s party sunday, Peter said I looked pale. I am. I spend less and less time out in the sun and more time inside writing. When I go out evenings, the moon is of no assistance in keeping me tanned. I sat on the deck for an hour yesterday afternoon in an attempt to remedy my appearance.

I watched the first half of th Syracuse/Michigan game last night. I was doing my blog talk radio show during the second half. Syracuse was winning by two at the end of the half. Syracuse lost by three 68-65.

The newspaper comments told the story. Syracuse made 19 turn overs. I am surprised the game was that close under the circumstances. Joseph, the freshman point guard, needs seasoning. He does not have it. I hope he gets it.

Did my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. If you are not a listener, join me sometime. I think you will enjoy the show.

I pontificated a bit. My main topic had to do with the loss of the American dream. It no longer exists. The lack of present day social mobility is an American reality.

I bolstered my position by pointing out that if the economy had improved and was so good, why were there 2.5 million homeless children. The highest number ever in the United States.

The 30 turtles flown from Cape Cod to the Marathon Turtle Hospital are doing well. They have been warmed up by swimming in a 30,000 gallon water tank. Much warmer water than on the Cape. Some will soon be released into the ocean.

Here is a white on white police story. I share it with you as further evidence that many policemen are not functioning normally.

The incident occurred a few days ago in Houston. A woman was driving around a loop during rush hour. An off duty deputy sheriff thought she had cut him off. He pulled up to her car and took out his gun. She happened to look to her left. Saw the gun aimed at her. Pulled her head back. The bullet grazed her head. Had she not pulled back, the bullet would have penetrated her skull. The deputy sheriff took off. He was later arrested.

The NRA argues too many nuts have guns. What was this guy? And a police officer to boot!

Enjoy your day!



Mark Howell is an author/writer extraordinaire!

Today’s KONK E-News Blast carries a touching story written by him. It concerns Key West’s beloved Peter Anderson and a former wife Joanna Leary. It also speaks of Johanna’s recent book involving her psychedelic relationship with Timothy Leary. Leary was the LSD guru of my day.

Joanna’s hippie days provide the setting.

Mark wove it all into a loving tale.

This morning’s Key West Citizen carried an interesting article about a Dan Zimmerman. A hero in his own right.

Dan suffered a massive stroke in 2005 at age 41. Right side paralyzed, left side of brain damaged. Recovery a long way back. Dan refused to give up.

On June 29 this year, he left a little town in Washington state on a three wheeled low slung bicycle. 5,200 miles later, he completed his trip to Key West. He arrived this past saturday.

He labeled his journey Road to Margaritaville. The first thing he heard as he came out of his stroke induced coma was Jimmy Buffett singing.

You have to admire the guy!

My yesterday was busy. An early morning appointment for a fasting blood test. Then a manicure with Tammy at Lee Nails. I fell asleep while she was giving me the manicure. Can’t believe it!

In the afternoon, another doctor appointment. With my heart doctor. I was experiencing some pain and swelling in the my legs. Some tests were done recently to see if I had a blood clotting problem. I love getting old. Turns  out, no problem.

The doctor’s office was busy. Many in and out. Surprisingly, I seemed to know everyone and they me. Several of them, I had not seen in years.

The heart doctor was running late. It was close to 7 by the time I got out. I decided on a drink. My diet permits it. Stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Jimmy and John a while. Then home after only one drink.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Love it! Syracuse plays Michigan at 7:30. The game is being shown on ESPN. I will be able to watch the first half at home. Then I have my blog talk radio show to do. I will miss the second half. Syracuse is a 4.5 point underdog.

Most of tonight’s blog talk radio show is prepared. Interesting and timely topics. Tonight, the St. Louis Ram’s five players and their support signal for Ferguson, Obama and corporate America, France’s President rejecting Obama’s plan which would result in a global oligarchy, the loss of the American dream, a white business protected by blacks in Ferguson, and more.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou airs at 9. Join me.

Enjoy your day!