I feel like Little Jack Horner. Remember, he sat in the corner eating his pumpkin pie, he put in his thumb and pulled out a plum,and said what a good boy am I!

I wrote again yesterday. Six hours. Drafting and redrafting six chapters for the next book in what my publisher calls The World Upside Down series. A lot of writing! I took three chapters from the unfinished rough draft of Growing Up Italian for the book. I wrote them a year ago. I am sure The Bakery one fits the Italian book. The other two I was not sure.

The Bakery is about little me and my grandmother going to the bakery a couple of blocks away twice weekly. One time for the empty flour bags. The next for the sliced bread ends. Each free.

A different chapter I call Grandpa Asserts Himself. About my grandfather in his 90’s saying in effect to the world…..Go screw yourselves! Wait till you read and how he did it.

The third is titled What Is That Noise. The story of a 40 year old man who heard the wind in the trees for the first time.

I also wrote three chapters concerning Greece. The substance of which you all may have read before. From a different slant, however. The topics include Santorini’s beauty, my inability to make it to the volcano, writing in Amorgos, and ┬ámy walk to Acropolis/Parthenon.

A good day! I deserve a medal!

The new water tank was installed. By my former bocce partner, Frankie the Plumber. I was able to shower at home before going out. You cannot appreciate what a luxury hot water is till you are without.

It was Hot Tin Roof for dinner last night. Nostalgia time again. My mother. I enjoyed mussels. A dish I rarely order. My mother loved mussels!

Fantasy Fest in a couple of days. You can feel it in the air. Taste it. The locals getting excited. Yes, locals participate. Many enjoy costuming. Some have a different costume for each day. A big time party!

The humidity is basically gone. Still warm, however. Moving towards a dry heat. Temperature still in the mid 80’s by day and mid 70’s by night.

The things I learn. Germany announced it no longer will charge tuition to attend any state run university. No tuition applies to foreign students as well. All an American would need is to know how to speak German and the price of a plane ticket to Munich.

To we in the United States, Germany’s free tuition sounds like a big deal. It is. However be aware, it was only $630 a semester before.

Which brings me to Syracuse University. Re football, Not the expense of attending. Which exceeds $50,000 a year for room, board, and tuition. Syracuse plays Wake Forest saturday. Something must be wrong. Syracuse is favored. By 3-4 points.

I have a busy day today. Haircut at 9:45, A lengthy business meeting at 10:15, a visit to my heart doctor at 1:30, and bocce in the evening. Love it! All part of my life here in Key West.

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Clock changing time!

It is nice to see the sun up and shining when getting out of bed in the morning. The problem is the evenings. It will be dark around 6. Within a month, 5.

Spent most of yesterday’s afternoon working on next friday’s show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Up to this point, it was an internet show. The show has graduated. Henceforth, it will be a TV/Internet show. New broadcasgting station and everything. New call letters. The show will be available on Comcast Channel 87 for television viewing throughout the keys. It will be available world wide via the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Ten in the morning my time.

Prepared for discussion is female viagara. Yes, it’s on its way! The purpose is to provide and/or enhance the female orgasm. The pharmaceutical industry leaves no stone unturned where a profit may be made.

I wonder if when the new prescription is available, whether it will be free to women under Obamacare? If so, what will the position be of the Republican right and Catholioc Church? Recall that the Church’s position is that sex is for procreation and not recreation.

Other topics include Oklahoma’s open carry gun law which went into effect November 1, the death of a World War II code talker, and gas shortages in the 1970s from a personal perspective.

My Saturday evening date was the lovely Jenna. A beauty inside and out! Jenna is a local TV personality and person about town.

The evening started at the Chart Room. Where else! Sheila and David at the bar. Chatted with them a bit. Jenna and I enjoyed a couple of drinks and good conversation.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof.

My Mother enjoyed mussels. She would devour them at every opportunity. The Hot Tin Roof has mussels as an appetizer. I asked for a double order. That was my meal. They were prepared in a light tastety red sauce. The bread dunking type. Delicious!

Jenna does not eat. She is a cheap date. I doubt she is even a size 2. If there is a zero classification, that is her size.

The Hot Tin Roof has a macoroni and cheese appetizer. The women seem to love it. Jennna does. She always orders the dish. Nothing else. It is a small portion. She doggy bags most of it.

After dropping Jenna home, I stopped at Don’s Place. Convenient. Jenna lives a half a block from Don’s. Chatted with Don, Herschel, Erika, Stan, and others.

Don introduced me to a new couple. Dan and Betty. Dan has been playing golf with my golfing buddies recently. The couple is from Tampa. They vist Key West often. They have a mobile home.

Dan is an Army veteran. He is able to park his mobile home at the Navy base. A good deal. Cheap. Even the bar that serves alcohol is cheap. I have been a guest a few times. Every thing is $1.

Lisa just telephoned. Daddy, come to dinner tonight.

Enjoy your sunday!