Once we were not concerned enough, did not care, did not believe what was happening in Europe was bad. The Atlantic would protect us from the evils of Germany. America slept. The result, we ended up in a World War.

It is happening again. A World War may not be the result. However, something bad inevitably will occur.

The problem is President Trump.

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury published last week has aroused Trump and his troops to the heights. They have come out battling. Cabinet members and White House aides were on national TV talk shows yesterday morning. Denying the accuracy of Wolff’s comments and supporting the mental well being, etc. of their leader.

One was Steve Miller. He appeared on CNN.

Miller was a speech writer for Trump during the campaign. Thirty two. Maybe thirty three now. Knows everything. In reality, nothing. He is a nationalist, white supremacist. Student of Steve Banner, till Banner’s refutation by Trump last week.

I have compared Miller to Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels. Adolph’s propaganda minister. Lie, lie, lie. Eventually the people will believe.

During the interview, Miller was basically non-responsive to questions. Talked about that which he wanted. Finally, the interviewer called an end to the interview of Miller.

Amusingly or sadly, Miller had to be escorted out of the CNN building. Apparently he did not want to leave. What occurred specifically, I do not know. No one is talking about it in any detail as yet.

Our President is mentally incapable of being President. A nut case. He has turned his back on our friends and sucks up to those who have been our enemies for years. Wants to destroy the FBI. Wants Hillary Clinton in jail.

Addressing the last point. We have never thrown a political opponent in jail. Banana republics do it. Totalitarian states, also.

Wake up Republican legislators, wake up America! Trump is trouble. He is dramatically harming the nation.

Spent yesterday lounging around the house. Watched the Golden Globes last night.

Gary Oldman won for Best Actor. The Darkest Hour.

Kirk Douglas appeared. Ninety one. Looks it, unfortunately. In a wheel chair, the results of his stroke remain on his face, speech slurred.

Oprah Winfrey was honored. She won the Humanitarian Award. A special person. A special speaker.

Missed Chicken Dog Church and the Gardens yesterday by giving into my laziness. Tonight, I will be out. Definitely. Dueling Bartenders and then home to watch the Alabama/Georgia game. Alabama favored by four points. Going to be close. Never can tell who the winner will be in a national championship game.

Papua, New Guinea in trouble. The volcano on Kadovar Island is erupting for the first time in history. A tsunami and landslides feared. People evacuating.

I mention Papua because there are a few Papuans who read this blog. Almost from its inception.

I wish everyone on the island good luck.

Christmas is Christmas. However certain portions are celebrated differently in other places.

Italy, for example.

Christian. Roman in origin. Celebrate all of Christmas on December 25, except for gift giving. Gift giving occurs on January 6. January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany. The day the three Wise Men paid homage to baby Jesus.

The Italians do not celebrate the Epiphany as such. Rather the day belongs to pagan folklore. An old hag dressed in black with a black witch’s hat riding on a broom. Her name, Befana. She brings gifts during the night as Santa Claus does elsewhere at Christmas. If a person was bad, no gift. Coal in the stocking!

Accompanying the gifts are sweets. Cookies and candy.

I am not an economist. Nor would I consider myself a stock market expert. Except in one regard.

My eighty two years has taught me that when the market is flying high, as it has been for quite a while, it will crash. No question. What goes up, comes down. Faster. The crash dramatic. Unexpected. Assets diminished big time, fortunes wiped out.

I have been predicting a crash for more than a year. I suspect later this year or sometime next year.

The experts call the crash an “adjustment.” The market does it on its own. It regurgitates hundreds and thousand of points at a time.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Couple of points:

    1) Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch, December 9, 1916 was 101; not 91.

    2) The book is not a factual account. In fact, it’s the author’s unsubstantiated recollection of conversations. Hardly reliable. Backed up by the fact that no records or recordings were take at the time. It’s like the FBI, who has one agent conduct the interview and another observes. Then the observer writes the “official record”. I remember a lawyer saying that the only way he’d allow his clint to be interviewed by the FBI was with a court reporter and a video tape. Of course, FBU “regulations” forbid that.

    3) The FBI has become, along with other “deep state”agencies like the IRS, a political Praetorian Guard. I have read the constitution and find no authority for the Federal Gooferment to have this, and many other, private armies. DJT45, who for the wrong reasons, may be correct to disband the FBI. Let the States do their job of “police work”.

    4) Oprah may be a nice person. I don’t know. But after I was fooled by Rosie O’Donnell as the “proclaimed Queen of Nice”, I don’t trust “celebrities”. IMHO they are one step in front of used car salesmen and one step behind politicians and bureaucrats on the race to Hell.

    Dona Nobis Pacem

  2. Anarchists and trolls, always look to comment on obvious things with just a hint of truth and logic to support a personal view, just to make a negative statement and draw attention to themselves. take your second point about “the book” as not being a factual account (your conclusion ofcourse). Can’t that then besaid about almost every book? Do you apply that same level of logic to the Bible? Why don’t you review this book (and maybe the bible) on Amazon with this dribble and see how that goes? How about letting the states do their police work? Can you imagine each state having (at their own expense) an office in all other states, so as to coordinate each investigation in some other sate as that need presents itself? Would each state have any authority to conduct any kind of investigation in any other state. How about each state having an office in each other country for that possible need. These “states rights” arguments don’t really seem to be very well thought out on any intelligent level, do they? Your read of the constitution may indeed be that there is no authority for the creation of a private army (like the one we employ in Iraq or afganastan, etc.?) as you wish to label the FBI. As such, maybe you should sue the government on that basis and show us all if your conclusion is right. Are you the ONLY one that has thought about this idea? We hear these immature arguments all the time and they really never seem to make any sense if you think them through, even just a little bit. OH, and does your idea about not trusting celebrities extend to the current and past presidents, or is just to celebrities you don’t like. Why did you write this post, was it just so you finally had a place you could add your ecclesiastical Latin tagline?

    • jamesfr: Dude, stick to whatever pays your bills… writing is not your forte. It’s almost impossible to understand this drivel.

      Learn how to properly compose a sentence and use paragraph structure.

      By the way, fjohn68 is 100% correct.

  3. Steve Banner ? Please tell us who he is. [ We actually know just who you’re referring to.]

    jamesfr, OMG

    In 25 years as a state investigator I learned to not trust many in the FBI.

    And John is correct. The actor born in upstate New York has recently turned 101.

  4. 1) I believe the gentleman’s name is Steve Bannon.

    2) Mr Miller was invited by CNN to Express his views. Apparently his views could not be tolerated by Jake Tapper.

    2) Any comparison to Hitler’s genocidal regime to any modern industrial government is rediculous on ir’s face.

    3) Nearly half of U.S. presidents are known to have had maladies that today would be diagnosed as Mental illness, including Lincoln (depression, bi-polar, OCD, etc.). Also Leonardo da Vinci. Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, and many more. What about Howard Hughes, a highly successful multi-millionaire who was regarded as “nuts”?

    4) Eugene Debs ran for President from his prison cell, having been imprisoned by his political opponent Woodrow Wilson.

    Your blog is entertaining, but your views on history and contemporary politics are often lacking in credibility.

    • These posts like an embarrassing discussion by a mental patient alone in his cell – you “guys” go ahead and fawn over your Fuehrer all by yourself. It is so funny to watch you stumble for credibility. Love the way you worked that little bit in about the FBI, I’m sure you’d be pleased to know that I didn’t win the bet we all had.

    • Ron, let us not forget the political rivalry of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. While Burr did not have Hamilton jailed, he did shoot and kill him.

      Oh, and Hillary does in fact belong in prison.

    • To Lou and fjohn68
      I rarely enter into these blog discussions, but occasionally someone has to point out erroneous facts and/or conclusions. The results can be entertaining. Where else can my comments be met with a storm of incoherent rants and unsubstantiated accusations?

      Thanks for the reminder about Burr and Hamilton.

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